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Update: A representative from Viber sent us an email explaining that the security issue has now been fixed. Email: We have come across your article regarding the security glitch in our application, in this URL: Since this is a major issue, and since we care a lot about our users’ security, we kindly ask that you edit/update the current article, adding our response, and officially stating that we have fixed this issue in a matter of days. The fixed version can be found here: Thank you in advance, and we lookRead More

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What is Google Business Photos?

Here is a good overview of Google Business Photos and how it can help you.   Credit: MarketWorks Google has recently launched a brand new service called Google Business Photos, which allows customers who find your result in the search listings to take a Virtual Street View style Tour around your business. This allows you the business owner to bring your business to life using Street View technology, creating an immersive 360 degree tour, allowing you to showcase all the details that your customers love. These Google Business Tours areRead More
Lookout Report: Many Android Users Have Received BadNews – Based on the download stats provided by Google Play, infected Apps were downloaded between 2,000,000 – 9,000,000 times. A new report from mobile security firm Lookout, would not make great reading for Android users. In fact, the report bears BadNews for Android lovers. According the report, Lookout has discovered a new malware family, which the company named – BadNews. BadNews malware was found in 32 apps across four different developer accounts in Google Play. Based on the download stats provided by Google Play, infected AppsRead More
Recent reports suggest that Google is on the verge of striking a deal with the EU to end a two investigation after being accused of monopolistic behavior in the EU market. After a two-year inquiry, the European Commission has accepted Google’s proposed settlement,” By Claire Cain Miller writes for the New York Times. “Google will not have to change the algorithm that produces its search results, the people said. Under the proposal, Google agrees to clearly label search results from its own properties, like Google Plus Local or Google News, and in some cases to show links from rival searchRead More
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It appears Google is about to revamp its search page to a cleaner interface. According to a report from Sohu IT (via Gizmodo), Google is testing a new search interface, new search interface, which will remove the current black navigation bar, Chrome OS and Android icon. Instead, the new search interface will include options to select Google +, Gmail and Applications. Clicking on the “Application Icon will reveal a drop down menu of more Google services. In February 2013,  Tecnonetblog published a video of the new interface in action:Read More
At an economic summit in Tokyo on Tuesday, Android founder – Andy Rubin told the audience that Android was created for a PC connected “Smart Camera” platform.  However, due to the rapid growth of smartphones, Android was transformed into a mobile operating system. “The same platform, the same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” said Andy Rubin. He explained that the idea behind the original operating system  was to create a camera platform with a cloud portion for storing photos online. Google  acquired Android in August 2005,Read More
A Japanese court has ordered Google to modify its autocomplete search functionality. This is to prevent the search engine from suggesting criminal acts when users type one man’s name, according to a report from the The Economic Times. The plaintiff claimed that when users begin typing his name, the search engine auto complete results takes users to websites that defame the unidentified man, the report states. Google was also ordered to pay 300,000 yen ($3,100) for the mental anguish experienced by the man. The plaintiff claimed that after the incident, he found it difficult toRead More
Reuters  is reporting that Google has formally submitted several concessions to European Union competition regulators  to settle a two-year antitrust investigation without a fine. “Google first offered proposals at the end of January following a spate of complaints from rivals such as Microsoft that triggered the European Commission’s investigation in November 2010. Foo Yun Chee writes for Reuters. “But the company, which has a market share of over 80 percent in Europe’s Internet search market according to research firm comScore, has now made a formal offer of concessions after discussions with the EU antitrust authority.” “In theRead More
Google is set to Launch a New Nexus 7 this July; Could be Priced at $149 According to Reuters, Google is planning to launch a new version of their popular Nexus 7 tablet this July, according to two sources. Google Inc will launch a new version of its Nexus 7 tablet powered by Qualcomm Inc’s Snapdragon processor around July, two sources told Reuters, as the software giant pushes deeper into the cut-price mobile hardware market,  Clare Jim reports for Reuters. “Google is aiming to ship as many as eight million of the Asustek-made tablets in theRead More
Hon Hai Negotiations with Sharp Still Ongoing; Final Answer After March 26 MyDrivers, a Chinese website, is reporting that negotiations between Hon Hai and Sharp are still ongoing despites several set backs. It was reported by a Japanese Media, “Daily News” (Mainichi, that Sharp may have terminated negatiotes with Hon Hai after not being able to come to an agreement, the report states. MyDrivers: [quote] Negotiations between Sharp and Hon Hai, the Japanese domestic media has already made a pessimistic attitude, including Japan, “Daily News” (Mainichi) previously reported that Sharp may terminate withRead More
Are These Photos Really Taken With A Samsung Galaxy S IV? Gupta writes for Andosym: [quote] I accidentally came across a couple of images that were supposedly taken earlier today using Samsung’s next flagship phone – the Galaxy S4. EXIF data mentions model as GT-I9500 which possibly corresponds to SGS4. Both images are in 16:9 format and have a resolution of 4128 x 2322 that is roughly 9.6MP.  However a 13MP sensor will also take pictures in similar resolution in Auto mode because the viewfinder can only utilize full screen in 16:9 mode. We have seenRead More
Judge Grants Einhorn Victory Over Apple By Stopping Preferred Stock Vote Reuters: [quote] A judge handed hedge fund star David Einhorn a victory in his court battle with Apple Inc on Friday, blocking the iPhone maker from moving forward with a shareholder vote on a controversial proposal to limit the company’s ability to issue preferred stock. U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan in Manhattan granted a motion by Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital for a preliminary injunction stopping the vote on that proposal. The vote was scheduled for February 27 as part ofRead More