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In an interview with The Sunday Times, former Apple executive said he changed the world twice and wanted to do it again. “I’ve helped to change the world twice with the iPod and the iPhone. I want the chance to do it a third time,” told the Sunday Times. Key quotes from the interview include: Tony said: “Home appliances today are as bad as mobile phones were before the iPhone. “Nest data is your data and it is going to be used only to improve the products and services thatRead More

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The Problem With Android

Benedict Evans on Android: This follows Tim Cook’s comment that Google’s Android dominance in the smartphone market cannot be compare with Microsoft’s Windows dominance in the PC market:Read More
Google dropped a bombshell on the tech community by announcing that they have signed an agreement to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Despite paying over US$12 billion for the company in 2012, Google CEO Larry Page believes that selling the company for a fraction of that price will be important for Android users everywhere. I bet to differ. I believe Android users everywhere were hoping that a Google-owned Motorola Mobility will continue to produce quality devices like the Moto G and Moto X at affordable prices. Larry Page: SourceRead More

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Google’s Acquisition of Nest Labs

Google’s Acquisition of Nest Labs Recently Google acquired the digital thermostat company Nest for an estimated price of 3.2 billion dollars. Financial analysts see the move as perhaps premature, due to the fact an internet startup created a competing product days after the acquisition. Yet despite such rising competition, Google and Nest shouldn’t worry. This deal represents a larger strategy employed by Google to increase their hold on smart devices, real time data, and info to enhance their search engine technology. The average consumer must look beyond the simple newsRead More

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Android’s App Permissions Debacle

Writing for the Guardian, Charles Auther explores the implication of google removing the App Options that were introduced in Android 4.3 (released  mid-November), but was subsequently removed in Android 4.4.2, released about three weeks later. Charles Auther: The bizarre thing is that Android, which has always led Apple’s iOS in terms of customisation – choose your own keyboard, choose your own default apps – has now lagged in this key area by more than a year, in a field where people have become more and more aware that data matters, andRead More

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Ben Bajarin: “Google Does Not Equal Android”

Ben Bajarin: “Google Does Not Equal Android” Ben Bajarin, principal analyst at Creative Strategies, Inc , has written an interesting piece on Android dominates and to what extend this may be of benefit to Google. According to Bajarin, Android is not a platform in the same way as iOS or Windows are platforms. Android is a technology which enables companies to create platforms. Samsung is using Android to create a platform. Amazon has used Android to create a platform. Ben Bajarin: I’m fond of saying that Android in its purest form isRead More
In What Year Apple WIll Have One Billion iOS Devices In Use? Horace Dedui answered the above question in his usual “illustrative” style using graphs. Horace Dedui: When I looked at the penetration of iPhones in the US (as a part of smartphones in total) the surprising pattern was that it followed a logistic curve (while other platforms didn’t.) If this is indicative of a particular learning process to be observed in the market, then can we extend the logistic growth pattern to iOS overall? I tried it with the assumption that at 500Read More

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Android Open Nature Has A Price; It Starts At $29 has reviewed the Norton Mobile Security 3.6 (for Android) suite and has given it a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5. According to the review: PROS Top tier malware protection. Works with Norton 360. Integrated privacy warnings. Full slate of anti-theft tools. SMS commands. Call and SMS blocking. CONS  Doesn’t wipe all your info. Doesn’t automatically screen unknown phone numbers. Iffy lockscreen. Expensive. BOTTOM LINE Perfect for Norton 360 users, but too pricey for everyone else, Norton Security antivirus needs a tighter user interface, more robust anti-theft options, andRead More
According to the latest report from IDC’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, the mobile phone market in Western Europe grew in the second quarter of 2013. However, there was a declined from the first quarter of 2013. Total shipments increased 2.6% year on year to 43.3 million units, the report states. The report also highlights that the feature phone market continued to shrink as shipments fell 27% year on year to 10.7 million units. While the smartphone market increased 19% year on year to 32.6 million units in the quarter toRead More
U.S. DHS, FBI Issue Warning of Malware Threats to Android Mobile Devices In a roll call release, the Department of Homeland Security and  Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning that  Android devices are primary target for malware attacks due to its market share and open source architecture. The report highlights that, “44 percent of Android users are still using versions 2.3.3 through 2.3.7-known as Gingerbread-which were released in 2011 and have a number of security vulnerabilities that were fixed in later versions. The growing use of mobile devices by federal, state, and local authorities makesRead More
Nexus 7 2013

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GPS Issue on Nexus 7 Tablet 2013 and Temporary Fix

Many owners of Google’s latest Nexus 7 tablets are reporting problems with GPS on their new device on on Google’s own product forums. The posts on the forum suggest that the second-generation Nexus 7 GPS would work fine temporarily, but then after a certain amount of time the GPS  begins endlessly searching with a blinking icons. “The amount of time the GPS works varies based on the user, with some saying it is only a minute or two, with others reporting a half hour or more. Regardless, once GPS begins searching, users areRead More

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Hello, Moto: Google Introduces Motorola Moto X

Motorola has officially introduced the smartphone Moto X, that gives a user wide opportunity to personalize the gadget, and which was fully assembled in the United States. Moto X is a very interesting product, but, as experts say,  it doesn’t have enough technical data to compete with the leaders of the market. The U.S. company Motorola, which was bought by Google in 2012 and became its mobile division, presented its new flagship smartphone Moto X in New York. The main feature of the gadget is the wide and flexible opportunitiesRead More