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Top Animated Book Apps For Children on the AppStore

Top Animated Book Apps For Children on the AppStore Mobile App technology has changed the lifestyle and market demand for the past few years. Animated books have changed the perspective of reading. With great 2D and 3D animation, a completely new dimension can be created for the story time. Some of the top animated book apps designed for children includes: Flip: Interactive Storybook  One of the best digital story time experiences by Flip: Interactive Storybook. The app comes with high quality 3D animation, interactive graphics, great music, and unique narrativeRead More
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Compatibility and Support Services of Microsoft OS

Compatibility and Support Services of Microsoft OS    The operating system is the core element of a computer system to get into a working condition for end users. Regardless of the type of OS, the basic fundamentals of an OS do not vary from one category to another. The thing that matters regarding OS is the support criteria which change as we switch to different types of operating systems, such as, MAC OS, Windows, Linux and etc. The OS is the bridge between the user’s application and the hardware andRead More
How to Use Cydia Store – A Real Alternative to Apple Store – Jailbreaking is the process that allows you to gain access over certain areas of your iDevice. Jailbreaking enables Cydia. Cydia Store is an alternative to the well-known App Store.  How to Use Cydia Store – A Real Alternative to Apple Store Jailbreaking is the process that allows you to gain access over certain areas of your iDevice. In the same time, along with the freedom you get after jailbreaking, users also receive Cydia. Cydia Store is an alternative toRead More
Sony’s 84 in. Ultra HDTV

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4k TVs – When Will It Appear in Your Living Room?

4k TVs – When Will It Appear in Your Living Room? – the release of more consumer friendly models in 55-inch and 65-inch could be seen as early as late summer or the beginning of fall this year. 4k TVs – When Will It Appear in Your Living Room? Bright and colorful nature documentaries will never be the same again. The changing face of technology has gone back to the drawing board yet again and is bringing us the best picture yet. Much to the disappointment of those who just spent a good amountRead More

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Different Types of Internet Links

  Different Types of Internet Links Do you remember those days 10 years ago when we had to access the internet over a dial-up connection that took what seemed like forever to connect? Most people thought you were posh if you had access to the internet in your home. However, now-a-days we can’t be without the internet. We are constantly checking our Facebook and other social media accounts, so much so that we need to have access to the internet 24/7. Broadband has been the answer to this problem andRead More
Steve Jobs And John Gruber On Simplicity of the iOS Home Screen I stumbled across this post by respected blogger and Apple aficionado John Gruber recently. Gruber post was in response to a CNN piece by Steve Kovach in which it was alleged, that the home screens on iOS devices “is still just a grid of static icons that launch apps.” I haven’t read the post by Kovach and don’t intend to. However, I found what Gruber had to say very interesting. Gruber: [quote] Kovach’s whole piece is inane, butRead More

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10 Essential Android Apps

If at this moment of time you are desperately searching of the top Android apps, you don’t need to go any further. In this article we are going to look at a list of the top 10 Android apps that you can choose from. Android phones have currently become quite popular. With powerful performances and affordable prices, the Android is nowadays taking the best position in the smartphone market. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Android apps are small computers due to the remarkable features that they posses.Read More

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The Best Money Saving Apps

So you’ve decided to splurge and get that sweet smartphone that you’ve been eyeing. Though it set you back a few hundred, and maybe you had to sell computer games online to get the funds, smartphones can more than make up for their price in the apps that they offer—apps that can save you money in the long run. To get you started on using your smartphone to save, here are ten free money saving apps that can help you trip expenses and find the best deals. RedLaser This appRead More

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Advantages Of Owning An iOS Device: SharePrice [part 1]

  For those of you who are contemplating buying your first iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod or an Apple TV) or owns one, this article is for you. I’m a proud owner of all of the afore mentioned devices along with an iMac and MacBook. Consequently, I’m in a very good position to make comments based on my personal experience. Due to the high prices of these devices, some people find it difficult justifying their purchase. Consequently, I’m going write a series of articles title – Advantages Of Owning An iOSRead More

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The Absurdity Of Apple’s Maps App Critics

  Apple’s Maps Apps Being Ridicule Apple’s Maps Apps debacle has become the talk of the internet recently. In a way you cannot begrudge the critics. It not very often they have something to ridicule Apple about. After all, the Cupertino company has been producing great products that are the envy their competitors. As a result an opportunity like this cannot go amiss. However, I’m still struggling to get my head around is the absurdity of the whole issue. Apple has released their best and most successful iPhone yet. And allRead More

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Has Apple Lost Its Touch With The iPhone 5?

Too many leaks of the iPhone 5 parts spoiled the show   Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 on 12th September and for many it was somewhat of a let down. The main reason being, most of what Apple revealed was leaked on the internet in the lead up to the event. There was even a clairvoyant in the mix in the form of Dan Lyons. This is what he had to say in a piece for the BBC: This week it’s the iPhone 5. Everyone pretty much accepts that Apple willRead More

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Will The iPhone 5 Help Apple Catch Android?

Recently, the market has been seeing an uptake in the sale of Android based smartphones. Of course, this was all before the revelation of the iPhone 5. There were lots of speculations that the increase uptake of Android smartphones was based on people holding out for the newest Apple release. Its now a case of how much market share Apple can claw back with the release of the iPhone 5. Regardless, there are areas in which Apple needed to catch up in order to get a hold back on the market,Read More