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Why CyberBunker Was Blacklisted By Spamhaus

Why CyberBunker Was Blacklisted By Spamhaus On Wednesday we witnessed the real power of cyber-attacks when the anti-spam organization Spamhaus was hit by a number of large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which not only brought down their own website temporarily, but also a caused a widespread disruption across the Internet. The DDoS attacks flooded targeted websites with extraordinary amounts of dummy traffic, making them unreachable by internet users trying to access them, and slowing down internet speeds worldwide. Spamhaus was allegedly targeted in retaliation by the Dutch webRead More
The internet today allows people to access information, gain knowledge and socialize with great ease. One of the most popular communication tools is Skype. It can be extremely effective when it comes to learning a new language. Gone are the days when people spent hours in traffic jams on their way to classes. Gone are the days when you had to travel to another part of the globe just to meet a native speaker teacher. The internet has changed the way people interact with each other and Skype is a perfectRead More
Using The Vulnerability Scanner From An Enterprise Level To Single User Level Computers have become one of the most important gadgets in our everyday life. We store a number of data and confidential folders in our computer’s hard disk. It becomes our topmost priority to ensure that confidential data is fully secured in our computer systems. In the market you will find a number of security threats detecting software. However, not all of them are competent enough to provide enhanced security features. The basic role of vulnerability software is toRead More

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5 Cool Gadgets You Must Have In Your Garden

Lots of people have countless amounts of gadgets in their home, but the garden usually gets left out. I’ve shown them 5 cool gadgets they would find very useful that would live outdoors. If you walked carefully through every room in your home do you know how many gadgets you would find? You definitely wouldn’t have enough fingers and toes to count them all. That is because we’re all addicted to gadgets and we love buying them when we can. It’s no surprise we have so many of them becauseRead More
Samsung Toner
Nowadays life is all about printing. We print projects, assignments, photos and what not? Without printing, neither the public can survive nor can the government run. Gradually, printing has become an inseparable part of our life. In the current scenario, what we print shows what we are and it’s not just about the content; but how it’s presented too.  And to achieve the best presentation you need to have the best toner. After all a page is a body and the ink is its “soul”. So you must choose theRead More
pos machine

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A History of POS Machines

A History of POS Machines Merchants have been dealing with creating an efficient and accurate system of purchase transactions for hundreds of years and continue to strive to improve equipment to be able to track information, tally orders, and promote business. Cash Registers are not simply for adding up the cost of products any more, they have become computer systems with multiple components that weigh products, print receipts with advertisements on the back, record sales histories, and more. We’ve gotten so familiar with these machines that we tend to takeRead More

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A Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy Grand

A Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy Grand The dual-SIM phones are not popular everywhere, but they can be pretty handy for some people. Samsung has recently released its dual-SIM phone the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. The Samsung Galaxy SIII was one of the most popular smartphones last year, but will the Galaxy Grand be able to make big market presence? Will it be the top 10 mobile phones of 2013? Read our complete review to find out more about this device. Design and Build Quality The Galaxy Grand is quiteRead More
Binary Option
Binary Options Trading Platform Trading binary options becomes easier with the technology that is used while trading these options. Though, there are many different platforms for trading binary options, only a few of those have become popular among the traders. Since these methods use technologies that grant various market signals and charts that help traders to get the best out of every trade. Let’s discuss on one such technology that is being used in trading binary options. TradoLogic’s technology is one such strategy that is specifically designed for the binaryRead More
What is Palm Vein Technology? Palm Vein Technology is the vascular technology that uses the biometric identification by analysis of the veins of the palm of the human being. The biometric identification is able to identify someone with maximum accuracy by using biological characteristics of the human body. This technology is highly secure and prevent unauthorized access. This is very accurate technology because in Vein Identification the image recognition and optical technology are used to scan vein pattern of the palm, fingers, and back of the palm. In this technology theRead More
Wondering how to keep your health intact in this digital world? With the growing number of mobile apps and various Smartphone platforms, it is quite simple. To keep a regular check of your health, weight gain, calorie intake, cardiac monitoring and much more, health apps can be handy. Here is a list of top iPhone apps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle: Cardiio  Cardiio, as the name suggests is an app designed to monitor the pulse readings accurately. One of the best features about the app is that theRead More

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How to Replace Your Computer Hard Drive

How to Replace Your Computer Hard Drive   How to replace the hard drive in your computer If a hard drive has failed or you are looking for bigger storage capacity, you may consider replacing it. Start by backing up any important data you must keep onto a CD-R or external hard disc. But you may not be able to recover data if your hard drive has failed. Shut down the computer then disconnect the power. This is important to avoid damage to the computer. Once done, open the case,Read More
Best Productivity Apps for Your Android Device in 2013 If you ever want to download an app for your Android device,  Google Play Store is the place to go. Google Play Store is second only to the AppStore in terms of Apps selection and number. I’ve put together a list of Apps from the store that will enable you to be more productive on your mobile device(s). Yep, your table or/and smartphone is not just for playing Angry Birds. Instead, we will tell you which office apps are the best for yourRead More