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What is Google Business Photos?

Here is a good overview of Google Business Photos and how it can help you.   Credit: MarketWorks Google has recently launched a brand new service called Google Business Photos, which allows customers who find your result in the search listings to take a Virtual Street View style Tour around your business. This allows you the business owner to bring your business to life using Street View technology, creating an immersive 360 degree tour, allowing you to showcase all the details that your customers love. These Google Business Tours areRead More
iPhone 5S concept
Credit: gencfrm iPhone 5S: What to Expect from the Next-Generation iPhone The anticipation and excitement of the soon-to-be launched iPhone 5S is already running high. One would have thought this rumor is a wild one, coming so close on the heels of the launch of the iPhone 5. However, with the launch of the iPad Mini and iPad 4, Apple proved that they are not sticking to the yearly upgrade cycle. The grapevine has it that the launch could be as early as June. This came as a surprise with orders plummetingRead More

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Top 5 iPhone Apps For Law Students

Here is a list of 5 top iPhone Apps For a Law students should have on their iPhone / iPod to get things done.    Credit: Guardian Top 5 iPhone Apps For Law Students Today,  many students lucky to have the support of new technology in their studies. Doing researches and projects have become easy for most materials required were already present in the internet. Mobile devices, like laptops, tablets, and smart phones, have made information accessible anywhere and anytime. Aside from faster communications, these gadgets have indeed paved theRead More
Sony Alpha A37 w/18-55mm Lens Digital SLR Camera
Credit: CameraHouse No matter what kind of photo you’re taking, whether it’s a self-shot, a landscape, a social event. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, what you would usually want is that your photos really pop. What you’d like to see is how the image comes to life. The most effective way to create a stunning photograph that really grabs everyone’s attention is by utilising High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. An HDR photo basically covers a large exposure range, which is to say, it essentially captures the most light where itRead More
T-shirts are so cool. Be it any material, size, fabric, style, or color, there is a t-shirt for every single person out there. Apart from that, there so many things you could do with a t-shirt – get it custom printed, get it dyed, get it scribbled from friends or loved ones, or even paint on it. However, these were the only things you could do with a t-shirt – until now. The four projects that you’re about to read below will bowl your over. These are four fascinating newRead More

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4 Firefox Add-ons For Finance Enthusiasts

If you are a dedicated Firefox user, this post is definitely worth a read. The Mozilla Firebox browser has undergone a lot of transformation over the past couple of years. The browser is not only fast and safe, but also has an amazing collection of extensions and themes, bound to take your web experience a note higher. For all you finance enthusiasts out there, here are four Firefox add-ons on finance, which might be of interest to you. Stock Twits Firefox Extension StockTwits is an amazing extension for your Firefox browserRead More

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Is the 4K Revolution Too Early?

  Is the 4K Revolution Too Early? Movies are constantly getting better, maybe not in terms of direction or acting, but you can hardly argue that visual special effects and sound have not improved vastly in recent years. Some of us who are lucky (or sad) enough to have a dedicated home entertainment system find a trip to the cinema a bit of a let-down. That’s unless we are able to see movies on a good 4k screen. Although still new to the scene, 4k cinemas are gaining popularity andRead More
Beets Headphone
New Headphones Brand Replicates the “Beats” Popularity with a Little Twist:  A new manufacturer of headphones decided to cash in on the popularity of Beats by Dr. Dre with a funny typo: Beets.   New headphones brand replicates the “Beats” popularity with a little twist In most developed countries, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones definitely have a high popularity as a high-end, fashionable brand. The marketing strategy used around this product is pretty famous, using different celebrities in video clips and movies to show the brand. Amongst the names ofRead More
Three Tips for Choosing a Good Motherboard for Your Gaming Computer Gamers who are planning on building their own computer have a lot of big decisions to make. They need to decide which processor and video card will give them the maximum amount of performance in relation to their budget. They also need to decide on their memory, case, power supply, and storage. However, one component that all new system-builders need to carefully consider—and one that often gets overlooked—is the motherboard. The motherboard in a computer is one of the mostRead More

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Bluetooth Technology for Fitness Fanatics!

Bluetooth Technology for Fitness Fanatics! How Bluetooth technology has made active lifestyles easier than ever. Electronic leaders have tried for many years to make music and fitness come together in the best way. Their goal has been to offer freedom and flexibility to the fitness fans among us, by creating music listening devices that allow us to forget that we are attached to our iPods or smartphones. Whether you are in the gym and you wish to listen to your own playlist and not the gym’s music, or you areRead More

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Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories

Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories When it comes to owning a mobile phone, you can’t just get by with the phone itself. Instead, you need a proper mobile phone cover so that it does not get damaged or scratched if you accidentally drop it, you need a hands-free headset device, such as a Bluetooth, to allow you to take calls while on the road or when your hands are not free to hold the phone to your ear, and if you are a man, you may even want to invest inRead More
Joomla 3.0

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Getting Started with Joomla 3.0

Joomla is one of the most versatile content management systems (CMS) in use these days. The advantages are numerous, but the most lovable all is the kind of control it gives users to maintain their website without learning HTML coding, though a working knowledge will help immensely. Joomla is free software, and falls under the open source category. Starting with Joomla 3.0 is not a difficult task. If you understand some simple procedures like installing software, configuring, hosting and database creation you are ready to take advantage of Joomla 3.0Read More