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iOS 7 Notification
If you are waiting for specific dates for the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone, your wait might be over if the information in this report by Current Editorials are genuine. According to the report Apple will unveil the next-generation iPhone on September 18 with a release date schedule for September 27, 2013. “Apple will hold a press conference to announce the newest version of its iPhone on September 18,” Micah Singleton writes for Current Editorials. “The next iteration of the iPhone will be released on September 27. Prior to the release of the new iPhone,Read More
If you’ve ever used a smartphone or tablet to search for something related to the television program you’re watching, you’ve been a part of the “second screen” movement: looking at a second screen while watching a first screen. While this may seem like the beginning of a serious addiction, using a second screen has become a common way of viewing and interacting with the media around you, a way for social media to interact directly with traditional media. The notion is being embraced by television networks such as HBO, AMCRead More

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Which is the Fairest Smartphone of them All?

There has been some controversy surrounding smartphones and the materials used to manufacture them. Should a plastic handset really be considered high-end? Are glass coated devices too fragile for everyday knocks and bumps? Is moulding a phone out of metal the best way to create an attractive bit of tech? And amongst the huge number of smartphones now on the market there are some extremely brash examples of handset design like the recently unveiled BLU Amour, which features fake Swarovski diamonds in its ‘luxury’ design. Yet when it comes toRead More

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How to Design Apps for Gesture-Driven Devices

Remember the moment when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone? It was exciting… but we don’t think anyone could have predicted the huge drive towards mobile devices that occurred over the following five years. Now, huge proportions of web traffic are from smartphones and mobile devices, and more and more people are using them every day to do things that would normally have only ever been attributed to desktop/laptop machines. The Shift to the Responsive Web With this ever-increasing move towards a mobile world arises a fair few issues. Initially, peopleRead More
Apple’s Market Share Recently, the controversial topic of Apple’s market share in the smartphone sector raised its ugly head again. The theory here is that due to its large market share – Google is winning the mobile battle and Apple will lose or has already lost. However, long time Apple aficionado  – John Gruber, felt the need to set the record straight, as he has done through the years. You could say the recent spat started when Gruber linked to this article  – Android’s Market Share Is Literally A Joke by John Kirk. According to Gruber,Read More
5 Amazing New Features Coming to Google Play Services     Google Play Services is Android’s version of the Apple App Store. It is a digital marketplace and application distribution platform that allows you to purchase and acquire apps on your Android devices. Formerly known as Android Market, the app marketplace started back in October 2008 and has now grown to house over 800,000 apps. New features and functions have also been introduced since the induction of the new name, and Google is now starting to rival Apple’s App Store.Read More

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HTC Fights Back with the HTC One

HTC fights back The HTC One has sold almost five million units since it launched last month and the Taiwanese manufacturer has recently announced it’s doubling its production of the handset due to “strong demand”. This is certainly an impressive figure given the firm’s recent supply issues but it’s a far cry from its biggest Android rival, Samsung, which has shifted more than double this number of Galaxy S4’s in around the same time. Since the HTC One in silver was announced back in February it’s taken the smartphone worldRead More
Beginners Guide to Creating 360 Degree Panoramic Photos The most important factor in panorama 360 is the stitching software used that helps to combine series of pictures or frame together. You can use any software, including Auto Pano for creating 360 degree picture. Outdoor and Indoor Photography For outdoor photos, you can simply stand in one place and take the picture, rotating around the camera, ensuring that there is enough overlap between pictures, so that the stitching software can identify how to connect the frames or dotted lines. The amountRead More
Bi and SQL
A team can work better than a single head. I guess every business should know that by now. You cannot be working alone especially in tasks and systems like Business Intelligence and SQL. SQL consulting has been an in demand career placement now as well as it is lucrative. But companies should be careful though, your server, database and your system should be put in the right hand, so choose wisely. How to Know a Good BI and SQL Consultant  Years of experience in SQL  Has knowledge of business youRead More
There are many people who buy two-way radios for personal or commercial use. Two-way radios are completely reliable and a cost-effective means of communicating. Choosing appropriate two-way radios depends on many different factors. This article will outline several key factors to consider when purchasing a two-way radio. VHF or UHF It is very important to understand the difference between frequencies before buying two-way radios. If you have an idea about frequencies, you will be able to make a better choice. You will be able to choose reliable radios, which areRead More
How Does New Medical Technology Affects Health Care Costs? New medical technology affects health in many ways. The benefits of these new technologies are the most well-known but there is a cost effect that underlines each successful break through. New technologies in the medical field are always welcome because they help to transform lives and safe lives. This is because they have made it possible to treat diseases and conditions that were considered terminal. For example, Implantable Cardioveter Defibrillator (ICD) system has facilitated the treatment of cardiac arrest. The deviceRead More

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6 Cool and Incredibly Useful Medical Gadgets and Apps

6 Cool and Incredibly Useful Medical Gadgets and Apps Medicine is one of the most vital fields in life where technology plays a key role. It is probably the first place you will see newest medical gadgets and apps based on advanced technology in the world at any time. Generally, technology should help human beings live a better life and derive the benefits of the best available medical care. For instance, there are several medical gadgets and apps that help speed up accurate and precise medical analysis in medical labs.Read More