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Posted On January 26, 2015By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

What If The Apple Watch Flop Like Google Glass?

Writing for The Motley Fool, Leo Sun asked the question many pundits are complempating as the launch of the Apple Watch draws closer – will the Apple Watch flop like Google Glass? Leo Sun: . Agreed. The Apple Watch looks like a long term bet by Apple to move into the wearable computing spaces, even if the first generation sales fall short of analysts expectations. SourceRead More

Posted On January 15, 2015By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Apple Watch As A Mobile Computing Facilitator

With the Apple Watch set to go on sale early this year, many people will be contemplating whether it’s worth shelling out hundreds of dollars for a device that is not as “timeless” as a Swiss Luxury watch. However, Neil Cybart believes that this shouldn’t be a problem for Apple since the company is positioning the Apple Watch as a “mobile computing facilitator worn on the wrist.” Neil Cybart: SourceRead More

Posted On January 11, 2015By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Apple: Great Companies Don’t Have Any Competition

Just over a year, I linked to this piece by Ben Bajarin is which he posits that “Apple has customers not competition.” Some may find this absurd given Apple many battles with the likes of Mircosoft, IBM and more recently Samsung. However, Horace Dediu latest article, The Monopolist,  supports Ben Bajarin’s theory on Apple and competition. Horace Dedu: SourceRead More
Here’s How Apple Could Sell 200 Million iPhones In 2015 Writing for The Motley Fool, Adam Levy posits that Apple is in a great position to sell over 200 million iPhones in 2015. The Cupterino-based company sold 169 million iPhones in 2014, which represents a 13 percent increase in sales from 2013. A similar increase would take the company close to the  200 million mark. Here are some of the key trends Levy believes would push the iPhone sales to the 200 million in 2015: Most consumers upgrading to theRead More
Quartz (via China Daily) is reporting that Alibaba’s Alipay payments affiliate announced on Tuesday that users will be able to authenticate their accounts using Touch ID  instead of using passwords. This latest move indicates that the company is looking to strengthen their ties with Apple which could ultimately lead to Alipay, the biggest digital payment platform in the world, using Apple Pay. As highlighted by the report, the CEOs of both companies have already expressed an interest in working together in the future. Apple recently signed a deal with UnionPay, a state-own rivalRead More
According to the latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, for the three months to October 2014, sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is on a tear and on course to break sales in the first quarter. The data shows that the launch of the iPhone 6 has sent Apple’s share of British smartphone sales up 10.4 percentage points. Apple now accounts for 39.5% of British sales, its highest ever level.” “Apple has experienced a huge jump in sales share across almost all major markets thanksRead More
According to a new report from Stabley Times (via Daily Mail), Apple is set to release two new iPhones in 2015, a departure from their once year upgrade cycle. The report pointed to new mobile plans such as the Verizon NEXT and AT&T EDGE, which allow customers to upgrade their smartphone early as one of the reasons Apple might move to this new strategy. Another reason proposed is that Apple wants to launch the iWatch with a brand new hardware: Personally, I can’t see this happening for reasons too numerous toRead More
According to a new report from CNN Money (via data from IBM Digita Analytics Benchmark), Apple iOS mobile users have once again outspend Android users by about 25 percent on Thanksgiving Day. Apple users spent, on average, $118.57 per order compared to $95.25for Andriod. “Apple  users are three times more likely to make a purchase on their mobile or tablet device, and made up 25% of total online sales on Thursday. This is despite the fact that Google’s operating system is the top smartphone platform in the U.S. market,” theRead More
According to a new security report from Arxan Technologies, the leading provider of application protection solutions, 97 percent of the top 100 paid Android apps and 87 percent of the top 100 paid Apple iOS apps have been hacked. However, with the mobile industry and retailers turning to mobile payment, it’s worth noting that Retail/Merchant apps are a big target for hackers. The report reveals that 90 percent of these apps were hacked on Android while only 35 percent were targeted on the iOS operating system. From the report: Needless toRead More
Ken Segall, a creative director who worked closely with Steve Jobs at Apple and Next, gives his take on the CurrentC vs Apple pay debacle: Tim Cook said as much when told the audience at Apple’s September Keynote event that “most people that have worked on [mobile payments] have started by focusing on creating a business model that was centered around their self-interest instead of focusing on the user experience.” Kengall also explains that while Apple and the Retailers are set to profit from the uptake in mobile payment, Apple Pay willRead More
At the moment, Apple can do no wrong when it comes to making hit products after hit products. However, this was not always the cases. The company has had its fair share of failures and here’s a list of twelve of the “not so great” Apple products complied by BusinessInsider: Images hereRead More
According to Neil Cybart, the tech industry was rightly puzzled after Apple bought Beats when they already had a music streaming service in – iTunes Radio. There appears to be very little Apple can do to stop the inevitable shift from downloading to music streaming, Cybart said. However, if one looks deeper, there is a lot more riding on this deal than you might think. Cybart believes Apple is looking to reinvent the music industry (again) and place it on a more sustainable track: Neil Cybart posits that there are several waysRead More