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Microsoft has claimed to replace the laptop market with its new launch—Microsoft Surface Pro 3! It is the latest hybrid model from Microsoft, which might make it easier for the users to conclude whether they want to go for a laptop or a tablet. Few years back, it was an issue to carry a desktop while travelling and the necessity of having a computing device has paved the way for the developers to invent a laptop. Gradually, it is becoming difficult for a traveller to burden his/her luggage with aRead More

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Google’s Acquisition of Nest Labs

Google’s Acquisition of Nest Labs Recently Google acquired the digital thermostat company Nest for an estimated price of 3.2 billion dollars. Financial analysts see the move as perhaps premature, due to the fact an internet startup created a competing product days after the acquisition. Yet despite such rising competition, Google and Nest shouldn’t worry. This deal represents a larger strategy employed by Google to increase their hold on smart devices, real time data, and info to enhance their search engine technology. The average consumer must look beyond the simple newsRead More
Ten Must-Have Android 3D Racing Games with Awesome Graphics 2013 is going to end in just two months and it’s the ideal time to take a look at the top 10 racing games on Android platform this year. In the past few years, mobile graphic design, especially the graphic design for games, improved quite a lot and 3D came into the forefront of game animation. Majority of gamers love 3D animated games and if you tell them to select a category of 3D games they love the most, I amRead More

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iOS 7: Apple Knocks It Out Of The Park

Well, the new operating system we’ve been hearing about all year is finally here, and the buzz about iOS 7 has reached a fever pitch. So, now that we’ve had a chance to play around with Apple’s new features, here’s a look through how they perform, and what they mean. Display First off, let’s cover the brand new look. Opinions differ here, but the bottom line is there’s no denying the new, flatter apps with bolder colors are incredibly sharp and sleek. Little details, such as the apps’ seeming centerRead More

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Top 10 Games of All time

Video games have surely changed throughout the years. From two-dimensional games with basic graphics and game play to entire 3D worlds, video games have challenged and excited players since day one. Check out this list of the top 10 games of all time and see how well you know the gaming world. 1. Super Mario World Super Mario World was the stepping stone for all games to come. This fun and exciting game was known as one of the best games for boys and girls of all ages and everyoneRead More

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Hello, Moto: Google Introduces Motorola Moto X

Motorola has officially introduced the smartphone Moto X, that gives a user wide opportunity to personalize the gadget, and which was fully assembled in the United States. Moto X is a very interesting product, but, as experts say,  it doesn’t have enough technical data to compete with the leaders of the market. The U.S. company Motorola, which was bought by Google in 2012 and became its mobile division, presented its new flagship smartphone Moto X in New York. The main feature of the gadget is the wide and flexible opportunitiesRead More
People love publishing pictures on Internet today and the trend has been simply on the rise, thanks to the emergence of various photo-sharing websites, social networks and other communities. So, if you also want to join the bandwagon, then a good photo editing suite can make this process a cake-walk for you even if you are a beginner. Utility and Ease of Usage The biggest reason why professionals and even amateur photographers go for photo editing software is that they help them give that professional touch to their pictures. TheseRead More

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The Moto X Smartphone Is Coming By October

In October of 2013, an all-American smartphone will enter the marketplace to challenge Apple and Samsung’s dominance. The Moto X Smartphone, developed and manufactured by (Motorola Mobility is owned by Google) aims to become the company’s new flagship device. Google and Motorola have formally announced that all assembling would be done in Fort Worth, Texas, making Moto X the first smartphone to be completely assembled in the U.S. The Moto X sets itself apart from its competitors by using self-aware technologies. Motorola claims that the Moto X Smartphone willRead More

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A New Game Console Ouya Launches for $99

The wonderful news of this holiday season is that Microsoft launches its $499 Xbox One and Sony its $399 Playstation 4. It’s big news for gaming fans and especially for their wallets, because those prices don’t include any of the games. But starting this week there is a new gaming console on the market, which is significantly more affordable if we compare with other hotly anticipated systems to Best Buy and Target shelves later this year. It’s called Ouya (pronounced like Booya, without the B) and costs only $99! It’sRead More
iTunes Radio
Ever since the first iPhone was released back in 2007, the installed software has consistently received yearly updates for every new version that comes out. Apple has always been committed to rolling out pristine and seemingly flawless products, but the demand for more advanced features has made it a challenging prospect for the company. Consumer response When the iPhone 5 was first released to the public, complaints about Apple’s own Maps app began circling the web, leading to implementation of measures on how to fix the bug/s. If this wereRead More
If you’ve ever used a smartphone or tablet to search for something related to the television program you’re watching, you’ve been a part of the “second screen” movement: looking at a second screen while watching a first screen. While this may seem like the beginning of a serious addiction, using a second screen has become a common way of viewing and interacting with the media around you, a way for social media to interact directly with traditional media. The notion is being embraced by television networks such as HBO, AMCRead More

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Which is the Fairest Smartphone of them All?

There has been some controversy surrounding smartphones and the materials used to manufacture them. Should a plastic handset really be considered high-end? Are glass coated devices too fragile for everyday knocks and bumps? Is moulding a phone out of metal the best way to create an attractive bit of tech? And amongst the huge number of smartphones now on the market there are some extremely brash examples of handset design like the recently unveiled BLU Amour, which features fake Swarovski diamonds in its ‘luxury’ design. Yet when it comes toRead More