Apple’s Patent: Roundup.

The USPTO has published a series of patents that were granted to Apple and a few that Apple has filed for. The list include:

Apple Invents New iDevice Power Clip & Docking Station System:

Apple’s patent generally relates to systems and methods for using a clip member of a portable user device to provide electrical coupling to a docking device. A clip member may include one or more electrical terminals that may engage with a receiving receptacle of the docking device which may include electrical terminals which mate with those of the portable user device. In some embodiments, a portable user device with a clip member may be clamped onto or otherwise engaged with an adapter device, which may, in turn, be electrically coupled to a docking device.

Apple Invention Allows Smart Card to be used in iDevices:

Apple’s invention generally relates to an apparatus and methods for improving the construction of ejectable component assemblies in iDevices. According to a particular embodiment of the present invention, there is provided an electronic device that could include a circuit board, housing about the circuit board and an ejectable component assembly. The ejectable component assembly could include a tray for holding one of several removable modules, and a connector coupled to the circuit board.

Apple Wins a Major Granted Patent for an Integrated Multi-Touch Screen:

Apple has received a major Granted Patent that relates to displays including display pixel stackups, and more particularly to touch sensing circuitry integrated into the display pixel stackup of a display. More importantly, the patent also covers aspects of Apple’s Multi-Touch technology. This could very well end up being a major patent that Apple’s legal team could take advantage of in future litigation.
Apple states that overlaying a display with a touch sensor panel can have drawbacks, such as added weight and thickness, additional power required to drive the touch sensor panel, and decreased brightness of the display.
Apple’s solution to this problem relates to touch sensing circuitry integrated into the display pixel stackup of a display, such as an LCD display. Circuit elements in the display pixel stackups can be grouped together to form touch sensing circuitry that senses a touch on or near the display.
According to Apple, touch sensing circuitry can include, for example, touch signal lines, such as drive lines and sense lines, grounding regions, and other circuitry. An integrated touch screen can include multi-function circuit elements that can form part of the display circuitry designed to operate as circuitry of the display system to generate an image on the display, and can also form part of the touch sensing circuitry of a touch sensing system that senses one or more touches on or near the display.
Furthermore, the multi-function circuit elements can be, for example, capacitors in display pixels of an LCD that can be configured to operate as storage capacitors/electrodes, common electrodes, conductive wires/pathways, etc., of the display circuitry in the display system, and that may also be configured to operate as circuit elements of the touch sensing circuitry. In this way, for example, in some embodiments a display with integrated touch sensing capability may be manufactured using fewer parts and/or processing steps, and the display itself may be thinner, brighter, and require less power.

Source: Patently Apple

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