Apple vs Samsung: Samsung Wants To Know The Details Of The HTC Deal

  • November 16, 2012

Apple vs Samsung

In a court filing on Friday, Samsung has filed a motion requesting that Apple should disclose the details of its recent 10-years patent deal with HTC.

According to Appleinsider, “the filing, which is part of the post-trial proceedings of the Apple v. Samsung patent trial, seeks to force Apple to reveal whether a recently announced agreement with HTC covered all of the company’s patents, a revelation that could change how existing and future lawsuits regarding IP are handled.”

This move on Samsung part is to stop Apple  from seeking injunctions over patents they are prepared to receive monetary compensation.

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According to the report:

[quote] If Apple did include its entire patent portfolio, including so-called “user experience” properties that have supposedly never been licensed, the HTC deal could weaken its bid for an injunction against Samsung’s products. Courts tend to resolve patent disputes through licensing deals rather than injunctions, with plaintiffs needing to prove irreparable harm that can only be solved with a sales ban. The HTC deal may reveal that Apple is open to accepting monetary compensation for its patents, making it more difficult to prove that an injunction against Samsung’s products is the only solution.[/quote]


Samsung Motion to Compel HTC Deal

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