Apple vs Samsung: Apple Wants Additional $700 million in Damages

  • September 23, 2012

Apple vs Samsung



Its was expected that Apple would asked the court to increase the  damages award ($1,049,393,540) in their recent trial against Samsung. The increase is due to the finding of wilful infringe on Samsung’s part, which can result in tripling of damages awarded by the jury. The KoreaTimes reported that Apple will be asking for over 3 billion US dollars in damages from Samsung. However, court filings revealed that the amount is more in the region of $700 million US dollars.

FossPatent has put together a very good breakdown of what Apple is requesting from the cours in the table below:


According to FossPatent, “the total of the jury’s August 24 damages award ($1,049,393,540) and Apple’s requested enhancements, supplemental damages and prejudgment interest would be $1,756,121,384 ($1.756 billion). The amount could even go up to $1,911,963,273 if the court grants Samsung’s wish to disaggregate the jury award but ends up agreeing with Apple.”

Apple has been reported to have shown a lot of restrained in not asking for triple damages. However, the company wants to reserve the right to increase this amount if Samsung is granted a review of the damages awarded. Mueller reports that, “Apple’s argument is based not only on the jury’s finding of wilful infringement of most of the intellectual property rights involved but also on Samsung’s overall conduct, including litigation-related misconduct it was sanctioned for a few times.”

The hearing on this motion is schedule for December 2012.

Source:  FossPatent

Image: ZDnet

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