Apple vs Samsung: Apple’s damages claim in full detail.

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Apple submits its Proposed Redactions to trial exhibits PX25A, PX25C, and PX182 2 pursuant to the Court’s Order Granting-In-Part and Denying-In-Part Motions to Seal (Dkt. No. 3 1649). The document states that, “The proposed redactions are consistent with the Court’s ruling that Apple’s trade-secret capacity information may be filed under seal.”

This document provides a more detailed breakdown of Samsung Accused Products vs. Apple’s Asserted Intellectual Property. There is also full detail of four damages scenarios and tables outlining Apple’s lost profits, Samsung’s profits, and reasonable royalty.

Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., LTD., 

Table of Two Damages Scenarios

Apple’s Lost Profits, Samsung’s Profits,and Reasonable Royalty

Apple’s Lost Profits Portion $ 553,790,273

Samsung’s Profits Portion $ 2,207,969,098

Reasonable Royalty Portion $ 21,755,107

Total $ 2,783,514,478

Samsung’s Profits and Reasonable Royalty

Samsung’s Profits Portion $ 2,481,102,629

Reasonable Royalty Portion $ 23,343,765

Total $ 2,504,446,394

Apple was able to keep part of the document hidden with regards to the exact sales of the different iPhone, iPod and iPad models.


Exhibit No 25a

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