Apple Hires Former CableLabs Exec Jean-François Mulé For Something “Big”

APPLE iTV & iOS7 TV style

In a move that clearly signals Apple’s intent to muscle they way into the smart TV revolution came in the form of their new hire.

MultiChannel News is reporting that Apple recently hired Cable industry vet and long-time CableLabs exec Jean-François Mulé in the role of engineering director.

It has long been speculated that the only thing stopping Apple and the launching a full-fledge TV is the cable companies.

“Mulé shared word of his new role at the consumer electronics and media company on LinkedIn, noting in a post that he joined Apple last month and will be “challenged, inspired and part of something big” at Apple,” Jeff Baumgartner reports for Multi Channel News. “CableLabs is looking to hire a replacement for Mulé, CableLabs VP of communications Wayne Surdam said via email.”


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