Apple has Aired New TV Ads For iPhone 5 and EarPods

  • September 22, 2012

iPhone 5


Apple has produced three new commercials for its iPhone 5 and one commercial for the new EarPods. These ads are a lot better that the commercials where ‘the genius’ was the Hero. These commercials clearly illustrate what the iPhone 5 can do and the thinking behind the increase in screen size. Yes Apple is back to their philosophy of showcasing the “product as hero“. This was described by Phil Schiller in his testimony  to the court during the Apple vs Samsung trial.a



This highlight the practicality of  having the 4′ inch display, while allowing users to operate the iPhone 5 with one hand.  In Apple’s view this is just “common sense.”



Here Apple looks at the   Panorama feature of the iPhone 5. In numerous reviews the iPhone Panorama feature has come in for lots of praises.



The iPhone 5  is pretty amazing. Apple has definitely defy the laws of physics to produce more in less. The iPhone 5 is very light, despite having a larger screen and more feature than the iPhone 4S.



This illustrates the thinking behind the new design of the new EarPods. According to Apple the new EarPods is design to fit various ear types.




Source: Apple

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