Analysts: Apple to Produce Phablets Soon; Called ‘iPhablet’ or ‘iPhone Plus’

iPhone Plus

Apple to Produce Phablets Soon Called ‘iPhablet’ or ‘iPhone Plus’

According a report from International Business Times (Australia), Barclay Capital’s Ben Reitzer reports that Apple should join the phablet market.

 International Business Times (Australia):

[quote] The phablet segment is rising and analysts believe Apple should join the bandwagon and let out the ‘iPhablet’ or ‘iPhone Plus’ from its arsenal soon.

By 2015, the phablet market will see shipments of up to 230 million units, Barclay Capital’s Ben Reitzer recently wrote, adding that the tech giant would find irresistible not to issue its own take on the 5-inch plus screen smartphones.

Mr Reitzer said “he’s longing for an iPhablet,” adding that consumers have been turning their attention on large-screenAndroid devices “since phone calls are becoming less important than navigation, texting, videos, books and Web access for many.”

He also joined the chorus of analysts predicting that Apple will release two iPhone versions by second half of 2013 – the iPhone 5S, which is geared for Apple’s normal market base, and a more affordable iPhone, which represents the company’s ongoing efforts to capture other audience outside of its territory.[/quote]

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