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Apple Pay Coming The UK On July 14th

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According to the latest report from 9to5mac, Apple is expected to launch their mobile payment service – Apple Pay, in the UK on July 14th based on leaked documents from multiple retailers.

Apple has informed selected UK retailers that Apple Pay support will go live on Tuesday, while training of UK staff on supporting Apple Pay will go ahead on July 12th.

“Apple has begun enabling its mobile point of sale systems in England-based stores to take NFC payments and has been preparing materials to promote the Apple Pay launch in stores,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “It is plausible that different stores will have different launch dates, but the presence of the same, at least tentative, date makes July 14th a very possible widespread start date.”

The U.K is the first country outside the US to receive Apple Pay, and there will be a cap of £20 per transaction at the beginning. However, this cap is expected to be removed this fall, according to the report.

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