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How To Answer: “Is that an Apple Watch on your wrist?”

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To those who managed to get their hands on an Apple Watch (or any smartwatch), you probably heard this question before: “Is that an Apple Watch on your wrist?” Now there is an official answer.

In a post on Medium, Apple Analyst had this to say:

You have to focus on three main areas: the time feature, a fitness feature and the convenience of the device.

You begin by saying that what you did get for yourself is in fact a great watch that you can adapt to your taste and occasions. Show them the physical attributes of the device and how great the finish is. Demonstrate the way you can change the bands. Show how you put the device on. Introduce the digital crown by showing how it can move content on the screen. Next, talk about the screen quality and the fact that you can read the clock in the dark. Show them how you select a watch face then how you can customize it and save it for later. Say a few words about the use of force touch. Tell them how precise the time is compared to a traditional watch. Repeat many times how the Apple Watch is a great… watch.


Can’t wait to get mine.

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