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Apple Music Is Music Streaming For Dummies, And That Is A Good Thing

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Human curated playlist and Beats 1 are star features of Apple Music, which sets it apart from the likes of Spotify and Google Music.

Apple Music is finally available to everyone running the latest iOS 8.4 update. According to Eddy Cue, Apple Music should also be available to developers running iOS 9 Beta following an update. However, this is not available as yet. Interestingly, Eddy Cue to not say if the new seed of iOS 9 with Apple Music will be available on the 30th June or will come in a fortnight.

Apple Music has been well received, with many pundits praising the human curated playlist as the stand out feature.

“This is the streaming service for people who say “Oh, I don’t know, “Josh Constine writes of TechCrunch. “I like everything but country” when you ask them their favorite music. This is the streaming service for people who never had a massive wall of CDs or crates full of vinyl, but loved singing to the radio or playing a mixtape made by a more music-savvy friend a thousand times.”

“With a mix of curation, or human intervention, and a revamped algorithm, Apple has brought their radio service to a level where it is exciting,” Jim Dalrymple explains in his review on The Loop. “The amount of work that went into making just the radio portion of Apple Music perform properly is astounding.”

I’ve been using Apple Music for a few hours and I’m also impressed. Without doubt this will only get better.

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