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According to a new report from Digitimes, Apple will use smaller LED backlighting chips measuring 0.4t (dimensions of 3.0 x 0.85 x 0.4mm) in the next generation iPhone (iPhone 6s). Comparatively, the LED chips for backlight units (BLUs) on the exiting iPhones is 0.6t (3.0 x 0.85 x 0.6mm), according to the report. “Considering patent issues and stable production, Apple will still have Japan-based Nichia and Toyoda Gose supply the 0.4t LED chips for the BLUs,” Siu Han and Adam Hwang report for Digitimes. “As such LED chips are smaller withRead More
In another very insightful piece, Ben Thompson – Apple analyst suggests the impact of the Apple Watch is being underestimated based on the numerous reviews he has read so far. I am confident that many critics of the Apple Watch as it stand today, will find a valid reason to buy one in the future. Read more..Read More
Writing for TechCrunch, John Biggs – a self-confessed mechanical watch lover, is sticking with his Apple Watch. “It’s the saddest thing in the world for me to say but, after years of calling each and every smartwatch nice but not necessary,  “I’ve finally succumbed to this shiny bauble for a number of reasons,” Biggs writes. According to Biggs, here are the key reasons why the Apple Watch has won him over: It gets notifications right It’s beautiful It replaces my other wearables – and my phone It is new Can’t wait toRead More
In his latest research notes to investors, Ming-Chi Kuo – the most accurate Apple analyst, has revealed more details on the next generation iPhones. The next-generation iPhones or iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus will feature the company’s new Force Touch technology and sport a stronger aluminium chassis. Here are some of the key points from the report: The new iPhone line-up will come with Force Touch, and this will be one of the biggest selling points of the new devices. There will be no 4-inch iPhone in the line up. The iPhone 6sRead More
This certainly won’t be everyone’s idea of a killer app for the Apple Watch, but Apple developer Comex managed to get a web browser to run on the device. The app certainly won’t win an award for user experience based on the video below: Via 9to5 Mac SourceRead More

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The Apple Watch As A Gaming Device

In mid-April, we posted some quotes from analyst Horace Dediu supporting the launch of the Apple Watch as a watershed event. Dediu compared the launch to that of the iPhone or Mac before it, and indeed Apple’s newest major product does seem to have that type of potential to establish an entire new tech market of its own. For now though, most consumers are still getting used to the idea and/or functionality of the Apple Watch, and no one seems quite sure what to do with the thing. To someRead More
The folks at Consumer Reports showed they are very impartial  when it comes to reviewing Apple products after refusing to recommend the iPhone 4 back in 2010. As a result, one can expect an unbiased analysis of the Apple Watch from the guys. According to their latest review, the Apple Watch fared better than competing smartwatches in multiple durability tests. From Consumer Reports: As part of our durability testing, we run all smartwatches through a scratch-resistance test with a series of picks calibrated to the Mohs scale, which uses 10 minerals of increasing hardnessRead More
According to an exclusive report from AppleInsider, Apple’s yet to be announced iPad Pro is expected to sport many new features not seen in the current iPad line up. Sources told the publication at that the 12.9-inch iPad will include an all-new Bluetooth stylus accessory with pressure sensitivity, support for Force Touch input, and a USB-C connector.   From the report: Apple is expected to include an NFC radio within the new 12.9-inch iPad. This will serve as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay. iPad Pro will come withRead More