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Ahrendts: More Blockbuster Apple Product Launch Days To Come

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Many diehard Apple fans bemoaned the fact that they could not line up at their local Apple Retail Store for the Apple Watch. Writing for TechCrunch, Fitz Tepper pointed the finger at Apple’s Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts:

There’s an irony in all of this. Apple’s previous Retail Chief, Ron Johnson, spent the better part of a decade building out Apple’s presence to almost 500 stores, so customers could line up around the world to be the first to get new Apple products.

Now, in the first big launch under the Ahrendts regime, the company decided to forgo the entire Apple retail system, forcing Apple fans make a pilgrimage to a store they most likely will never visit again. Unless Apple decides that the Apple Watch 2 is also too fashionable to be launched in an Apple store near you.

But according to a leaked video (no longer available due to breach of terms of use), Angela Ahrendts promises Apple staff that the days of blockbuster product launch is not over.

Ahrendts stated that “we all love those blockbuster Apple product launch days — and there will be many more to come”. So there is no need to get rid of your camping gears just yet.

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