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All 650 UK MPs Will Be Given An iPad Air 2 By The Parliamentary ICT

According to a new report from ComputerWorld 650 MPs in the United Kingdom are about to get an iPad Air 2 as part of the a cost saving measure. At around £500 a pop, UK taxpayers may fail to see the saving in this. It will cost about £200,000 per year over the next Parliament, adding up to a total of £1 million, or £1,538 per MP over five years.

Nevertheless, the Parliamentary ICT team is expecting to save  £3 million a year by getting MPs and staff to read and annotate papers on devices rather than printing hard copies.

Furthermore, the existing IT infrastructure is going to make it quite expensive to switch away from iOS.

“iPads are integrated with current business processes…a move away from the Apple operating system (iOS) at this time would incur costs to change these processes,” according to John Thurso MP.


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