M.G. Siegler: “It Would Be Weird If Apple Wasn’t Working On A Car”

M.G. Siegler, a longtime Apple aficionado, has made his case as to why it makes sense for Apple to at least explore the possibility of building a car:

In order to truly move the needle, Apple has a handful of choices:

1) Become a telecom player
2) Become an energy company3) Become a bank
4) Become a car maker
5) Create a new industry

People always point to and talk about number five. The problem is that Apple has really only done this once in its history: in the beginning with the personal computer. Apple’s other successes, including their biggest: the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, all were successes in categories that existed well before Apple entered the space.

The Watch, of course, will be the same story.

So that points to Apple going after numbers one through four on the list. Number one is probably inevitable but also something Apple probably wants to avoid because it would be a huge pain in the ass for a number of reasons. Number two is a good joke, but the least likely (though the solar interest is noted…). Number three has perhaps the clearest path right now with Apple Pay. But it is nascent and going to be a long road.

That leaves number four, become a car maker, the most likely.

It’s also worth noting that John Gruber and M.G. Siegler were speculating that Apple next big money move will be into the car industry back in 2013.

Discussion at 01:33:00 mark:

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