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Here’s The Latest “ Blockbuster Exclusive” Leak On The iPad Air 2

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Here’s The Latest “ Blockbuster Exclusive” Leak On The iPad Air 2

Writing for The Michael Report, Michael Andrews has published a self-proclaimed “blockbuster exclusive” on Apple’s next generation iPad Air 2:

Here are some of the key highlights from the report:

  • Display – The display will reportedly come with a fully-laminated by manufacturing the cover glass and Retina LCD as a single unit making the device thinner than the current iPad Air. The display quality is also expected to improve.
  • Design –  the iPad Air 2 is around 0.5 mm thinner than the current iPad Air. The speakers on the new iPad Airs will have a single row grill instead of the current two. The mute/vibration switch is removed, according to the report to provide a thinner profile.
  • The volume controls in the new iPad Airs are also slightly more recessed than the one on the current iPad Airs.


  • Apple will debut a gold colored version of the iPad Air 2, in addition to the current options of Black and Silver.
  • Internals – The iPad Air 2 will come with an upgraded A8 chip manufactured by TMSC and a 1GB bump in RAM, to 2GB.
  • Touch ID and Apple Pay – These are expected to make an appearance on the iPad Air 2.

The above are not what I would call “blockbuster exclusive,” but you have to get those page views up somehow I guess.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the next generation iPads at a special event on October 16.

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