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The Benefits Of A Sapphire Display On Your iPhone [Video]

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Recently, 9to5 mac revealed more information on Apple’s ties with GT Advance. According to the report, it appears GT Advance will be making sapphire-crystal display for future iPhones.

9to5 mac:

As we speculated in a previous article, it appears that Apple is planning to build sapphire-crystal displays for future iPhones. This is opposed to this facility building sapphire components for future Apple Touch ID fingerprint readers and caps for camera sensors. The proof that GT Advanced is preparing to manufacture sapphire for displays comes from import/export records. As can be seen in the image above, GT Advanced has ordered Intego Sirius Sapphire Display Inspection Tool components.

So the big question here is how will this benefit consumers?

Here we have videos of GT Advance demonstrating the durability of sapphire display over competing displays:

This shows once again that Apple is “Thinkong Different” in the Post PC era.

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