Here’s How To Have Fun With Siri

The Guardian has put a list of ten intriguing and funny commands you should try out on Siri.

There are as follow:

Does Siri Stand For Seriously?

2.Tell Me a Poem

3. Siri, What Airplanes are Flying Over Me Now?

4. Change my Appointment With Dr. Smith From 11 a.m. to 9 a.m. 

5. Do You Support Barrack Obama?

6. Beam Me Up!

7. Post to Facebook Walking Dead is Over and I am Depressed

8. Who Let the Dogs Out?

9. Set a 30 Minute Timer or Wakeup Alarm

10. Siri, I am Tired of Talking 

Then check out this video of 50 commands you can try out on Siri (some of the commands are repeats from above):

..And finally, a nice one from Jim Dalrymple:

I hit the Siri button by mistake last night and before she could react, I yelled at her. Monique asked me who I was yelling at and I said Siri—that’s why the name shows up twice. Siri’s pretty smart.

Siri 360x640

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