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Amazing Photos Of Employees In Apple’s First Official Office

The San Francisco Gate has published several photos of past Apple employees at the company’s first  first official corporate address, 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., (Building 3, Suite C) in Cupertino, Calif in 1977.

“The pair had successfully begun shipping their first computer, a naked circuit board called Apple I,” Jim Edwards writes for the SFGate. “It had neither a keyboard nor a screen, and functioned more as part of a kit that computer hobbyists could build into something more useful, if they knew what they were doing.”

“The images are remarkable because they show life at Apple before the period when everyone realized the company was going to change the world,” Jim Edwards expalins. “For them, it was just a paycheck. And, of course, carrying and using a camera in the 1970s took a lot more effort than it does today. They weren’t used daily, the way phone cameras are now — so early Apple images are relatively rare.”

This 1978 image shows more of the Apple II team, including Steve Jobs:


From left to right: Elmer Baum, Mike Markkula, Gary Martin, Andre Dubois, Steve Jobs, Sue Cabannis, Mike Scott, and Don Breuner. Standing in the rear is Mark Johnson.

This floor plan (below) of the Stevens Creek office, drawn by Johnson, shows just how small the company was at the time.


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Images credit: SFGate

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