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Posted On December 31, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News

Lawyer Monitoring Apple’s ebook Antitrust Case Cries Foul

Michael Bromwich, the lawyer tasked with monitoring Apple’s compliance with antitrust laws, has told a court that the Cupertino based-company is obstructing his work, according to a report by the Herald News. Apple was found guilty by US District Judge Denise Cote of conspiring with publishers to raise electronic book 2010. According to the report, Michael Bromwich filed a in Manhattan federal court on Monday, stating that he’s been largely cut off from top executives at Apple, who argued that his investigation was interfering with their business operations. “In my 20 years of doing oversight work,Read More

Posted On December 30, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Fantastic iPhone 6 Air Concept

Despite the iPhone 5s/5c being on the market for just over two months, the folks at French blog – iPhoneSoft, are so desperate to see the next generation iPhone from Apple, they created a concept of the device. Here are some of the features in the iPhone 6 concept by iPhoneSoft: iOS 8 which comes in part on the iOS style 7 (gradients are back) The “Air” design -> iPhone 6 Air 4.5-inch anti-glare display with ultra-thin edges 20 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and stabilizer Touch ID  PortRead More

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Is This A Prototype Of Apple’s iWatch Battery?

According to a Chinese tech blog  – MyDriver, a protoptype of Apple’s iWatch battery was published a media outlet in Taiwan. The alleged iWatch battery prototype is only 100mAh capacity compared to 315 mAh battery capacity in Samsung‘s Gear smartwatch. What this means is that Apple may have found a way to make the rumored iWatch very energy-efficient. The smartwatch will reportedly feature a various sensors that can detect blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate and supports wireless charging . A recent report from Digitimes, Apple is widely expected to announce the iWatch device along with the next-generation iPhones in October 2014. It willRead More
The San Francisco Gate has published several photos of past Apple employees at the company’s first  first official corporate address, 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., (Building 3, Suite C) in Cupertino, Calif in 1977. “The pair had successfully begun shipping their first computer, a naked circuit board called Apple I,” Jim Edwards writes for the SFGate. “It had neither a keyboard nor a screen, and functioned more as part of a kit that computer hobbyists could build into something more useful, if they knew what they were doing.” “The images are remarkable because they show life atRead More
Apple iTV
This is article has been out a while, however the content is pertinent today as it will be in 10 years. Writing for The Street, Rocco Pendola posits that – Apple will disrupt and destroy  when it’s ready.  Suffice it to say, I believe Pendola is spot on. According Rocco Pendola, the iPad Air clearly demonstrates that the Cupertino-based is still very innovative:  I’ve had my iPad Air for about two weeks now. And, it reaffirms my suspicion that an Apple HDTV, possibly morphed with a set-top box, will come sooner or later. That’s because, now having usedRead More
iPad mini with retina display
Despite playing second fiddle to Android in terms of market share, devices running iOS continue to dominate the online shopping scene. According to new data from IBM (via BusinessInsider), the usage of iOS was five times higher than that of Android for online shopping this Christmas. Here’s an excerpt from IBM’s press release: iOS vs. Android: As a percentage of total online sales, iOS was more than five times higher than Android, driving 23 per cent vs. 4.6 per cent for Android. On average, iOS users spent $US93.94 per order,Read More
iPad Air
According to a new report from the Guardian, Android powered tablets accounted for 56 per cent of the tablet market in the UK for the first three quarters in 2013. Apple’s iPad won 38 per cent of the market in the same period, according to a new IDC report. In the first three quarters of the year, 7.6m tablets were shipped to the UK, a year-on-year growth of 192% for the same period in 2012, according to IDC‘s data. Of those 7.6m tablets shipped, the average sale price was $407 makingRead More
Apple iPhone 5s
According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal (via Forbes) the Taiwan‘s Fair Trade Commission has fined Apple 20 million Taiwan dollars (US$670,000) and ordered to stop interfering with mobile service providers and handset distributors’ pricing. The Commission found that the Cupertino-based company violated article 18 of Taiwan’s Fair Trade Act in Taiwan. Apple has the right to appeal the decision. According to the report: Apple Inc. has been fined 20 million New Taiwan dollars (US$670,000) and ordered to stop interfering with mobile service providers and handset distributors’ pricing, Taiwan’s Fair Trade CommissionRead More
iPhone 5s
Writing for PCMag, Sascha Segan highlights that the Chinese government has granted Apple access to a huge smartphone subscriber market while other foreign companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter continue to struggle to get a foothold in the country. China is renowned for giving preferential treatment to local companies such as Baidu, Sina, QQ, Alibaba, Meizu and Xiaomi, Segan said. Sascha Segan speculates that the government of China is prepared to work with Apple given the small market share the company is likely to gain due the high costs of their iPhones: China Mobile isRead More
Apple China Mobile
In his piece for Bloomberg Businessweek, Bruce Einhorn suggests that the multi-year deal Apple recently struck with China Mobile to the iPhone, doesn’t solve anything for both parties. Bruce Einhorn: Coming just a few months after a similar breakthrough with the leading carrier in Japan, NTT Docomo, the China Mobile deal addresses Apple’s traditional weakness in Asia. What it won’t do, however, is propel Apple to the top of the Chinese market. Samsung Electronics is No. 1 now, followed by Lenovo and other local makers that sell good smartphones for far less than the cost of an iPhone. “Chinese consumers like to buy low-end, so-called white box,Read More
iPad mini with retina display
US Today is reporting that a group of thieves drove a car through the glass window of an Apple store in Berlin and made off with iPads, iPhones and Macs. According to a report from Berlin-based Bild, this is the seventh time an Apple Store has been targeted by thieves this year. “Apple’s stores have become a target in recent years of U.S. attacks aimed at the upscale electronics retailer, with some of the bold smash-and-grab heists captured in videos on YouTube,” Scott Martin reports for USA TODAY. “The attacks underline the growing currencyRead More
According to a new report from Digitimes, Apple is set to release their rumored 12.9-inch iPad tablet in October 2014,  according to sources from the upstream supply chain. The report alleged that Apple’s new iPad – widely referred to as the iPad Pro, will be targeting North America’s educational market and enterprise. “Apple’s large-size tablet will be manufactured by Quanta Computer, and was originally expected to adopt either 12.9- or 13.3-inch panels, with recent rumors indicating that 12.9-inch has a better chance to be picked,” Aaron Lee and  Joseph Tsai report forRead More