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New Apple Patent Reveals Big Plans For Touch ID

Unwired View (via MacRumors) has uncovered a new patent from Apple that shows the Cuperitino-based company is just getting started with its fingerprint technology – Touch ID.

The patent in question is titled – “Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Manipulating User Interfaces Based on Fingerprint Sensor Inputs”, and was published by Wolrd Intellectual Property Organization database last week.

According to the report, an iOS device with Touch ID in its Home button will enable users to perform multi touch gestures using the Home button.

Apple proposed a Touch ID design that involves transforming the fingerprint sensor under the Home button into a trackpad, adding new way to navigate and control iPhone UI. Unwired View pointed out that this may lead to the iPhones with 5”+ sized display, since users will still be able to control the device using one hand.

Touch ID

Key highlights from the report include:

  • The Home button’s ability to act as a trackpad is the extreme sensitivity of a fingerprint sensor. At 500 dpi, the Touch ID sensor is able to read not just overall outline of your fingerprint, but the smallest details of a fingerprint ridges, and it can recognize multiple prints in any orientation, real fast. This will allow your iPhone to recognize ‘Revolving” and “Twisting” finger movements on a Home button.
  • It is anticipated that users will be able to control the iPhone by “twisting” or “revolving” your thumb around the home button. E.g. slide your finger left <-> right and the map displayed on the screen scrolls in the same direction, or your browser window scrolls up and down. Move your finger upwards, and the multitasking window pops up, making the map underneath inactive, and allowing you to scroll through recent apps.
  • In addition to tracking your fingerprint movement, the Home button can measure time – how long you press it, and force – how hard you press it. Combine these three readings and you made Home into an advanced joystick, allowing for the whole new type of game controls.

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