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Video and Photos of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Launch at My Local Apple Store

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I got up early this morning and thought it would be a good idea to pop down to my local Apple Store. All things being equal, I could get lucky and bag myself an iPhone 5s (Gold). I got to my store at about 30 minutes before opening time and suffice it to say, that was too late.

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Here are some of the key takeaways from my experience:

  • The folks at Samsung need to do another advert, people are still lining up for the iPhone. Somehow the memo didn’t get through.
  • Scalpers continue to ruin the iPhone experience for genuine customers who just want an iPhone. I’m sure most of the people in front of the line fell into this category.
  • Apple has a big problem with the iPhone 5c. Loads of iPhone 5c were available, but no one seems to want one.
  • Apple fans are fanatics. Why would you want to line up for a phone?
  • Finally, its not all doom and gloom for me. I ordered my iPhone 5s (Gold) at 00:03 BST. Apple said it will be with me between the 7th and 10th of October.

Can’t wait :-).


Video of my experience:

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