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Jay Yarow: iOS 7 Is A Roaring Success Against All Odds

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[quote cite=”Jay Yarow” url=”″] Apple released iOS 7, a complete remake of the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad’s operating system, last week.

iOS 7 had the potential to be a complete and utter disaster for Apple. It was tossing out Steve Jobs’ design, which featured life-like illustrations, in favor of a simpler design that had none of those.

It was, in many ways, the first truly post-Steve Jobs product Apple released.

iOS 7 is not a disaster, though. It’s a success. A smash hit, if measured by consumer downloads. Over the opening weekend, 200 million people signed up for the new software.

The new software looks great and works well.[/quote]

Well apart from the unfounded Vertigate issue, I will say iOS 7 has been a success too.

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