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Apple Is Doom Because… 1.0

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Apple Is Doom Because.. 1.0
Here we have another Apple is doom article. This time the reason given for Apple’s demise is Samsung.

[quote cite=”Ashraf Eassa” url=””] Apple’s products are excellent and are best-of-class at the high end, but the writing is on the wall for the high end: It’s stagnant at best and set to decline at worst. Samsung may not bring a truly innovative device in the same way that Apple’s laser-focused engineers are able to in their yearly product launches, but it can sure flood the market with devices for every niche and every price point. That’s why, despite a deep admiration for Apple, it’s a difficult stock to recommend, even if the world recognizes that Samsung’s Galaxy S IV “Gold Edition” is a blatant rip-off of an appealing characteristic of Apple’s gorgeous gold iPhone 5s.[/quote]

I’ve discussed the low-end disruption theory in a piece yesterday. This will give you a better insight into why Eassa is wrong about this one.

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