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WSJ: Apple’s Next iPad Mini to Use ‘Retina’ Display From Samsung

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Apple iPad mini

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is likely to bring Retina to the next-generation iPad mini. However, the company will have to procure this display from its archenemy  – Samsung, according to sources in the supply chain.

It’s reported that suppliers are getting ready for mass production of the iPad mini in the fourth quarter. There is no indication as to when the product will be available to the public.

“Apple is working with suppliers in Asia on its next iPad mini with a high-resolution “retina” display, unlike the current iPad mini that comes with a lower-resolution screen,” Lorraine Luk writes in WSJ. “The size of the new tablet will likely be the same as the current 7.9-inch model, which was released in November last year. Apple has also been contemplating multiple color back covers for the new tablet.”

Additionally, Apple will reportedly use screens from the likes of  Sharp and LG Display for the next-generation iPad mini. The addition of Samsung to the supplier list was to ensure adequate supply of screens.


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