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iPhone 5S Parts Leaked; No Sign of Fingerprint Sensor in Home Button

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New purported photos of the iPhones 5S internal components have been leaked online by Techkiddy (via Sonny Dickson). Sonny Dickson has a good record of leaking parts of Apple products in the past.

The parts leaked include: 5S SIM card tray, 5S charger connector flex, 5S Front camera flex, 5S Home Button Flex, Loud Speaker Button,  5S Vibrator Flex,  5S Wifi Flex,  5S On Off Flex cable and 5S Speaker Flex. 

Unfortunately, the photos shown no sign of the reported fingerprint sensor expected to launch in the next-generation iPhone.

The iPhone 5S and a low cost iPhone – iPhone 5C are expected to launch this September.

The list of leaked parts include:

5S card Holder
5S charger connector flex
5S Front camera flex
5S Home Button Flex
5S-home-button-flex5S Loud Speaker Button
5S Vibrator Flex
5S Wifi Flex
5S On Off Flex cable
5S Speaker Flex

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