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A High Resolution 2560 x 1600 Pixels Samsung Android Tablet Code Leaked


According to a report from Android Police, the Samsung website – User Agent Profile, User Da1L1 configuration, appears to have leaked information of an unknown  2560 x 1600 pixel ultra-high resolution.

The report suggests that this could be the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus.

According to the report:

There are several high-resolution Android tablets on the market, with another bunch about to hit the stores in the next few months. Samsung’s own Nexus 10 has opened the road for crazy high pixel densities, and it looks that the Korean manufacturer will soon unleash another tablet with a 2560 x 1600 resolution display.

The device codenamed SM-P900 was spotted on a Samsung site that lists User Agent Profiles, commonly shortened UAProf, which are files that mobile devices refer to in order to identify themselves to web servers. The Japanese tech blog RBMen identified three variants of the SM-P900, corresponding to Samsung’s typical SKUs: SM-P900 – 3G, SM-P901 – Wi-Fi, and SM-P905 – LTE.


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