More iOS 7 Features You Should Know About

More iOS 7 Features You Should Know About – This includes more details on Game Controller and iOS 7 very own Google Now feature.

Following up on our story yesterday, AppleInsider (via Jablickar) has published more details of Apple’s push to enable third-party companies to produce game controller for iOS 7.

According to the report Apple held a 45-minute long session at WWDC on Tuesday, showcasing off app frameworks, hardware mock-ups and a set of preliminary best practices guidelines. During one of the session, it was also announced that Logitech and Moga are already collaborating on initial hardware designs for the game controller.


The form-fitting version allows users to not only interact via the controller, but also the iOS device’s multitouch screen, a layout seen in Sony’s PS Vita console. This setup offloads controls previously located on-screen, clearing up valuable real estate on the devices’ 4-inch displays.

As for the standalone model, Apple notes that it should not be attached to the device in any way, meaning the controller should support a wireless solution such as Bluetooth LE. Controls are nearly identical to the form-fitting version with one major exception: player indicator LEDs. This suggests multiplayer support in an implementation much like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

iOS 7 Controller

Mock-up of “form-fitting” version.

iOS 7 Game Controller

Mock-up of standalone controller.


In other news, MacRumors has discovered a new feature in iOS 7 new notification center that has similar functionality as Google Now.

According to the report:

In iOS 7, Apple has included a new Notification Center feature called Today, which the company says is designed to provide users with the day’s events at a glance, including information like birthdays, weather details, and traffic reports. 

We’ve unearthed additional details about how Today works, including how Apple gathers information to provide traffic details on frequently traveled routes. In the location settings section of iOS 7, there’s a new feature called “Frequent Locations,” which Apple says “suggests locations of interest based on historical location usage.”

iOS 7 Google Now feature

iOS 7 Google Now feature

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