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KIRF: Comebuy Tengda N9500 takes on the Samsung Galaxy S4

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Comebuy Tengda N9500

Taking a leave from Engadget’s playbook, this is our first Keepin’ it Real Fake article featuring the Comebuy Tengda N9500 posing as the poor man’s Samsung Galaxy S4.

In a press release advertising the new smartphone, Comebuy stated that the Tengda N9500 proves that the Chinese manufacturers’ have not lost their ability to mimic once again.


According to the report:

GALAXY S4 has an eight-core processor, while Tengda N9500 uses the famous four-core processor MTK6589. Comebuy Tengda N9500 ​​supports dual-card-two-standby, a victory over Samsung GALAXY S4 in this regard, but comparing ROM and memory card, ​​Tengda N9500 is slightly inferior. Tengda N9500 can meet the needs of people who like self portraits because its front camera is better than that of the GALAXY S4. However, the rear camera of the GALAXY S4 has reached 13 megapixels, which equals the high-definition digital cameras on the market. We have to marvel at Samsung’s technology strength in the area of mobile.

Comebuy Tengda N9500 Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500
CPU MTK6589, Cortex A7 Quad-Core Samsung Exynos 5410
SIM card Dual-card-two-standby Single card dual mode
Memory Card 16GB 64GB
Front camera 5 megapixels 2 megapixels
Rear camera 8 megapixels 13 megapixels
Price 166 Euros 535 Euros

With the price start at € 165.99, this appears to be a no-brainer or not in my case.


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