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Smart Bracelet Concept

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Smart Bracelet 1

With the mobile computing moving towards wearables, it’s only a matter of time before we see one of these – The Smart Bracelet.

This smart bracelet/smart band concept delivers the kind of features that many hope the rumored iWatch from Apple will have.

Smart Bracelet 2

Here are some of the functionalities in this Smart Bracelet concept:

  • The device to sense the user emotions and accurately know whether you are tense or relaxed.
  • It also can monitor the users diet and health.
  • It has a  remind the wearer is time to wake up, sleep, starting up and so on.
  • The device will have the ability to learn about the user media preferences over time. It will then know your favorite movies, music and give you recommend of other types of movies and music.
  • If the user is sleeping, the device will save call and inform the caller to leave a voice message or call later. It will also automatically filter advertising, promotion and other harassing phone calls.

Smart Bracelet Concept




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