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Google’s Exec Matt Cutts Debunks Theory “Google is Evil After All”

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During the process of spring cleaning his blog, the head Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutt published several blog posts on his personal blog.

One of these gems is this article, debunking the theory that Google is evil after all, in relation to the way the manipulate search results. Specifically, the article addressed concerns raised by a news article which states, Search giant kicks Swiss blogger out of the index. 

Matt Cutts appears to have taken offense to this part of the article:

heute:Congratulations, you are one of the first Swiss citizens to be kicked out by Google. Proud?

Benbit: Nowadays, everybody uses Google. So, it is not funny at all if you suddenly disappear completely from the search engine. To me, Google’s motto “Don’t be evil” is not right. Google is evil and misuses its power.

In his response, Matt attempts to set the record straight by saying the following:

….How dare they squash that poor, hapless blogger at

Except I haven’t told our side of the story. Our side of the story is pretty short: someone from used our automated url removal tool to remove themselves. Now why would someone from remove their own site (multiple times with multiple url patterns over multiple months, I might add), and then lay the blame at Google’s feet? I could speculate, but I genuinely have no idea.

Be sure to check out Matt Cutts’s blog for more interesting articles.

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