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Apple Approves Social Discovery App – AppCurious; After Giving AppGratis the Boot

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AppCurious, a Social Network for App Discovery through personal recommendations from family and friends, has recently been approved by Apple. On the other hand, AppGratis was unceremoniously booted from the App Store.

So what makes this app different from other App discovery apps? In an interview with VentureBeat, AppCurious CEO Riz Nwosu explains.

“We brought something new to the table,” cofounder and CEO of AppCurious Riz Nwosu told me today when I asked how his app was approved. “Instead of just taking what Apple does and making it a bit nicer, we brought a new paradigm to the app store.”

“That “new paradigm” is to find and follow friends and celebrities and install new apps based on what they use and share,” John Koetsier writes for VentureBeat.

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“I think the hoopla about app discovery apps being booted is because they didn’t think of app discovery in a creative way,” Nwosu says. “They’re just promoting apps and repurposing an app store.”

In his piece, Koetsier highlight the difference between AppCurious and AppGratis.

“AppCurious has no sign of the feature Apple really hated about AppGratis: the capability for a developer to buy placement, get featured, and drive hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of downloads,” John Koetsier reports. “Instead, it’s a social Q&A network for app users that invites developers into the conversation: When someone comments on their app, developers are notified and can respond.”

Here is a list of some of key features found in AppCurious:

  • AppCurious is a fun social network focused solely on apps. You can sign up via Facebook, Twitter or email. This allows you to find your friends or people you trust no matter what service they happen to use.
  • AppCurious detects the apps on your device. You can then select which apps you want displayed on your profile, leaving out the ones you don’t want displayed.
  • With the AppCurious feed, you can see app activity in real time from people you follow. You can also comment on apps, respond to updates and answer app questions posted by other users.




AppCurious Intro Video. from AppCurious on Vimeo.

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