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HTC One Production Problems Reportedly Solved

Digitimes is reporting that the production problems that have plagued the HTC One are now solved. As a result, the Taiwan-based company has ordered IC parts for the production of several million more units of its new HTC One flagship smartphone.

It was reported that the delayed launch of the HTC One smartphone was largely due to component shortages. At the time, Lorraine Luk writing for the WSJ stated that, “Several retail distributors and telecom operators including Vodafone Group PLC said HTC has notified them of shipment delays of the new smartphone.”

“Thanks to the availability of parts and components and a low base in the first quarter of 2013, HTC is expected to see its smartphone shipments soar over 50% sequentially in the second quarter,” Cage Chao and Steve Shen write for Digitimes. “A rebound in shipments at HTC will also help local IC design houses and other component suppliers sustain sales gains in the second quarter.”

Source: Digitimes

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