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Facebook Home Off to a Bad Start Based on Early Reviews

Facebook Home off to a bad start based on early reviews. The app has an overall all average rating of 2.4 Stars on Google Play Store since its debut on April 12.

Facebook Home

TheNextWeb was the first to published that Facebook Home, the new “Apperation System“, from Facebook is off to poor start based on early reviews on the Google Play.

At time, TheNextWeb reported:

As of 2:10pm PDT, the application had received 398 one-star reviews out of 834, or 47.7%, on Google Play, giving it an average rating of 2.3 stars.

The blog also took the time to get in touch with Google, after many commentators on the post suggested that some of the reviewers probably haven’t used the app. In an update to the post, the author reported that Google only publish reviews from users who have installed the app.

As of 16:21 GMT + 1, April 14,   the total number of reviews have reached  3,456 with 46.2% of the reviewers giving Facebook Home a 1-Star rating and only 18% giving the App a 5-Star rating.  Facebook Home now has an overall average rating of 2.4 Stars.

Here are some of the comments on Google Play:

5-Star ratings..

Burrell Matthew – April 13, 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0

 Very Interesting

Listen ppl this product is for ppl that don’t use widgets. I don’t so it works great for me. Very smooth launcher with great operability. But if you spent hours setting up your android home page you probably won’t like it…

Thomas Petree – April 12, 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0

Has potential

I think I’ll only use it every so often, but it looks kinda fun. A problem I could see though is the amount of data it will consume.

1 -Star ratings..

Victoria Wiley – April 13, 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0


Not an intuitive app. Made my phone so frustratingly complicated to use that I uninstalled after just four or five hours. Unless major changes are made including an easy way to get to my home screen I will not reinstall.

Jason May – April 14, 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0

Skip unless you spend 99% on facebook

Turns your phone into a Facebook app and creates navigation unbearable for other apps or system setting. This would be a great stand alone app option or glass widget.

Based on these reviews, it appears iPhone users are not missing anything here.

Source: Google Play, TheNextWeb

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