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etnews: Samsung Display and LG Display Start Patent Negotiation

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According to a report from etnews, Samsung Display and LG Display have started patent negotiation, according to the industry sources.

“The negotiation between Samsung Display and LG Display to resolve a patent dispute started in earnest,” Moon Bo-kyung writes for etnews. “The two rivals held the second working level meeting and determined the negotiation method on Thursday.”

“The main negotiation is expected to start from the next week,” Moon Bo-Kyung reports. “The two companies held the first working level meeting on the 15th last month and determined how they will proceed with the negotiation at the second meeting held on the 3rd. The negotiators will start discussing on the main issues from the next week, if early, including the issues on licensing scope and prices.”

The two Korean electronic giants have filed several patent lawsuits against each other in recent times.

“The two companies filed complaints against each other for infringement of each other’s patents last year, Moon Bo-Kyung explains. “LG Display claimed that Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display infringed its 7 OLED patents, and Samsung Display claimed that LG Electronics and LG Display infringed its 7 LCD patents. Each side denounced each other as they filed injunctions and nullity actions one after the other.”

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