Compatibility and Support Services of Microsoft OS

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Compatibility and Support Services of Microsoft OS   

The operating system is the core element of a computer system to get into a working condition for end users. Regardless of the type of OS, the basic fundamentals of an OS do not vary from one category to another. The thing that matters regarding OS is the support criteria which change as we switch to different types of operating systems, such as, MAC OS, Windows, Linux and etc. The OS is the bridge between the user’s application and the hardware and without the particular OS the hardware is useless to the user. There are finite amount of components involved which makes the OS function properly according to the desired intention it was designed decades ago. Components of an OS include user interface, security, networking, memory management, multi-tasking, program execution and most important of them all, the kernel. They all are responsible for making up the activities performed by an OS.

Microsoft Operating system support primarily gives the idea about the software and server compatibility with the installed OS in an individual system. There are many other things which are associated with the operating system support term which needs an umbrella, specific for an OS. Before commencing the discussion about specific OS, there is another related term with support, the IT support. IT support has nothing to do with the OS or the type of OS. It is rather a complete different story which needs a spotlight in contrast with keeping the spotlight on operating system support as well. It is important to see the both terms simultaneously here, in order to fix the problems regarding softwares or OS. Usually IT support deals with the services provided for hardware and software both but when we talk about OS, it is all about the software we have to keep our eyes on.

Microsoft is a famous brand launching the best products in the market. Microsoft windows OS is considered as the most user friendly environment as compared to other operating systems available in the market. MAC OS is highly used by the developers specifically for development of products which are dependent upon Apple environment, such as, iOS Application Development. Other operating systems are also used by different targeted audiences, however, Microsoft OS is used generically around the globe. Microsoft offers great services for the softwares they launch in the market. Auto update of Microsoft OS is one such service associated with Microsoft windows support tag. Moreover, they provide beta testing for every new product by launching the beta version initially. This tactic improves the product through user feedback and allows the user to taste the essence of new bee’s honey. Online support for each Microsoft product is available on their official site including Microsoft online windows support. Microsoft provides two kinds of operating system, a 32 bit one and a 64 bit one. This thing hinders the end user because not all softwares compatible with 32 bit windows are also compatible with 64 bit windows version but Microsoft do handles this problem through a way which makes software compatible with both the versions.


Among the list of OS available in the market, Microsoft is the most popular among the general audience and is considered as the most user friendly OS to date. IT support regarding Microsoft products are handled online through their official website or user feedback option in windows. Microsoft windows support is available in each version of windows and this thing makes it more popular.

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