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Citrix Report: iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise

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Citrix Report- iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise

iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise

A new report from Citrix – Enterprise Mobility Cloud Report,  shows that Apple’s iOS mobile operating system continues to dominate Enterrprise. Citrix report was from Q4 2012 and is based on aggregated data from Citrix customers who have deployed enterprise mobility management cloud.

Highlights from the report include:

  • iOS continued to dominate the enterprise as the mobile platform of choice with 58 percent of global devices enroll. Android was the fastest growing platform with an 11 percent gain from the prior quarter.
  • iOS was the preferred platform fro vertical industries in which mobile users engage customers one-on-one, such as in retail and restaurants.
  • Organizations got more aggressive in blocking apps, with 18 percent of customers deploying policy, an increase of 11 percent from the previous quarter.

Citrix Report- iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise3

The report also shows that iPads represent 53 percent of deployed iOS devices, with iPhone 46 percent and iPods 1 percent. This is a 4 percent shift from iPads to iPhone compared to last quarter, according to the report.

Citrix Report- iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise




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