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iNews: Wozniak on jOBS; 5th iOS 6.1 Beta Seeded to Devs And iOS 7 Concept Photos


Steve Wozniak Not I’m Not Impress New jOBS Biopic


The Verge is reporting that, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak is not impressed with the new jOBS biopic, starring Ashton Kutcher  and Josh Gad.

According to Steve Wozniak:

[quote] I was approached early on [for JOBS], I read a script as far as I could stomach it and felt it was crap. The Sony people got in contact with me too and in the end I went with them. You can’t do both [films] and be paid.

The early script did things like promote drugs in ways that were as foreign as the clip I saw. For example, it would have Jobs offering me drugs. I never saw Jobs do drugs nor had any offers from him. If we ever discussed drugs, he would have known that I didn’t do them but that I basically approved of them and hung around with friends who did them (in college) so he wouldn’t have felt awkward talking about them with me. Frankly, we talked about our jobs and technology and things.[/quote]



Apple seeds fifth iOS 6.1 beta to Developers

The release of iOS 6.1 appears to be drawing much closer,. Apple has released the fifth beta version of iOS 6 to developers on Saturday:

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will be adding several new features in iOS 6.1.

According to the post:

[quote] Past beta iterations revealed that iOS 6.1 will offer an enhanced Map Kit framework that will allow users to search for map-based place names and points of interest with natural language strings. In an example given by a developer with access to the beta, a search for “coffee” returned the location and corresponding information of nearby coffee shops.

Additionally, iOS 6.1 will offer Fandango movie ticket purhcases through Siri and refined iCloud security steps when setting up a new device.[/quote]



iPhoneSoft iOS 7 Concept Photos has introduced us to some new concepts photos of how Apple’s iOS team can go about improve iOS 7. The new design introduce Recent Apps and Widget Zone.






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