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Microsoft having trouble producing Surface tablet PCs

Digitimes is now reporting that Microsoft Surfaces tablets  is in trouble due to the design of the Surface chassis. The report claims that:

Microsoft reportedly planned to adopt unibody magnesium-aluminum chassis for its Surface tablet PCs originally, but affected by chassis makers’ limited capacity, the company has instead turned to adopt a magnesium chassis and use MegVapor technology for surface treatment to allow the device to feature a similar exterior to traditional metal chassis; however, due to the method having a rather low yield rate, is has greatly affected Microsoft in trying to mass produce its new tablet PCs, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Microsoft Surfaces are seen as the opportunity for Microsoft to get back into the Mobile computing race. This area is currently being dominated by Apple and Google with their lead increasing rapidly. Hence, Microsoft need to launch their product as soon as possible.

It appears Microsoft is working closely with suppliers to improve the manufacturing process. Digitimes reports that:

Sources pointed out that the chassis is supplied by a China-based supplier, but since the company is a second-tier maker, its low yield rates are causing Microsoft to pay a lot of attention to the supplier’s manufacturing process hoping for improvements.


Microsoft Surface

Credit: Microsoft



Source: Digitimes

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