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Apple CEO Tim Cook is having a fabulous time in Beijing, according to a recent tweet. Having fun in Beijing at the iPhone launch with China Mobile! pic.twitter.com/AqoqLbbeO7 — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 17, 2014 Tim Cook is currently touring China, promoting the company’s new partnership with China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile carrier. Bloomberg is reporting that Tim Cook  and China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua spent time at the carrier’s headquarters store in Beijing handing out autographed iPhone to the first ten customers. “Today is just the beginning of China Mobile andRead More
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Fascinating Insight Into How Apple Works By Dediu

In a fascinating interview with Calcalist radio, the largest economic newspaper in Israel, Horace Dediu gives us a scintillating insight into how Apple works. Horace Dediu is a well-respected analyst who knows a thing or two about Apple. Dediu started off by highlighting that Apple remains an enigma despite its vast success. This high level of mystery has resulted in countless rumors and analyses from about where the company is going to go next. Controversially, Dediu said that in some cases, Apple doesn’t really know what they are going to do next. Horace DedieuRead More
A current Apple Retail Store employee that goes by the pseudonym J. K. Appleseed has published a new post on Apple store meetings. Here are key highlights from J. K. Appleseed’s article: How Apple has “managed expectations.”  – This is a simple, but far-reaching social concept, crucial to anyone in customer service, and we deal with it at the Genius Bar every day…  This is my biggest gripe with Apple Store Meetings, which happen at least once per financial quarter. I don’t want them to suck… The attendance point system hasRead More

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Has Apple Peaked?

As a former investor in Apple and a huge fan of the company, I’ve been mulling over this question for some time – has Apple peaked? Here’s Tim Cook’s take on how the year has been for Apple: We generated record total company revenue of $171 billion, earnings of $37 billion and operating cash flow of $54 billion. We paid over $8 billion in capital expenditures to both to our supply chain, expand our infrastructure and increased our retail footprint. We also completed 15 strategic acquisitions. That’s an average ofRead More

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Apple’s Real Strategy in China

The launch of a cheaper iPhone was heralded as the best approach Apple should take to grow their market share in the world largest populace.  However, the company launched a gold iPhone 5s with Touch ID and a polycarbonate iPhone 5c, which is anything but cheap. However, Ben Thomspon’s piece for Stratēchery,  highlights that Apple is a company continues to Think Different, despite the lost of their charismatic leader and co-founder Steve Jobs. Ben Thompson points out that two Percent of China’s public consumes one-third of the world’s luxury goods: According to China’sRead More
Apparently selling 9 million iPhones in three daysRead More

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Study: Chinese Bought More iPhone 5s than iPhone 5c

If it was Apple’s strategy to use the lower cost iPhone 5c to gain more market share it China, it has spectacularly backed fired.  According to a new report from Localytics, China has seen the largest sales of iPhone 5s than any other country after 72 hours post launch. “Perhaps surprising was that of the eight countries where the most iPhone 5s’ or 5c’s were sold, the highest ratio of preference for the 5s wasn’t in the United States or Japan; leading the pack is actually China,” Bernd Leger reports.Read More
Apple CEO Tim Cook and other top executives such as Craig Federighi and Jonathan Ive have given Bloomberg BusinessWeek great interviews. I’ve put together several quotes from the piece and provided our take on what was said. Please visit the source for the full interview. You’ve said that iOS 7 is not change for change’s sake. Tell me more about that. Some people see innovation as change, but we have never really seen it like that. It’s making things better. iOS 7 is a great example of that. It’s significantly better thanRead More
  Credit: Bloomberg Businessweek In a revealing interview with Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Sam Grobart, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed Apple’s smartphone strategy and more. He  made it clear that Apple stock price woes do not bother him too much and he’s more interesting in fighting for customer at the higher end of the smartphone market. Here are key quotes from the interview: Tim Cook on Apple’s Stock Price: I don’t feel euphoric on the up, and I don’t slit my wrists when it goes down. I have ridden the roller coasterRead More
According to a new report from 9to5mac, Apple is about to update its current Apple Store iPhone and iPod touch App on Tuesday, July 23. This is one of many strategies Apple is looking to employ as part of Tim Cook’s master plan to sell more iPhones directly from Apple Retail Stores. “The new app has been redesigned to fit more in line with the user-interface of the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore in iOS 6,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5mac. “This slight interface change comes for a good reason: oneRead More
With the unveiling of iOS 7, Tim Cook and crew show that they are ready to step out of Steve Jobs shadow and done what is right for the company. In his post on TechCrunch, this is what MG Siegler had to say: OS X will now be named after California landmarks. The Mac Pro will now be assembled in the USA. “Design in California” is the heir apparent to “Think Different”.Read More

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Interview at D11

Here are few of the excerpts from Tim Cook’s interview at the AllThingsD D11 conference. Tim Cook on Competition: From my point of view, over my long tenure at Apple, not as CEO, we’ve always had competent rivals. We fought against Microsoft — still fight against Microsoft, particularly in the PC space. We fought against hardware companies thought to be really tough, like Dell. We’ve always suited up and fought. Apple has always had competition to focus on, but our North Star is always on making the best products. We always come backRead More