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iPad Pro 13-inch

Posted On January 10, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News

13-Inch iPad Pro Concept Video

Set Solution, a Milan-based company specialize in the production of digital content, interactive media and services companies, has put together a stunning concept of Apple rumored 13-inch iPad Pro. Set Solution’s concept features 4k resolution display, Touch ID, improved back camera. The iPad Pro 13-inch is 20.4 cm wide, 28.4 cm high and only 7mm thick. Personally, I’m going to give this a pass. I can’t see this replacing my MacBook Air. However, if you don’t have a MacBook Air, this should be a great purchase.Read More
According to a new report from Digitimes, Apple is set to release their rumored 12.9-inch iPad tablet in October 2014,  according to sources from the upstream supply chain. The report alleged that Apple’s new iPad – widely referred to as the iPad Pro, will be targeting North America’s educational market and enterprise. “Apple’s large-size tablet will be manufactured by Quanta Computer, and was originally expected to adopt either 12.9- or 13.3-inch panels, with recent rumors indicating that 12.9-inch has a better chance to be picked,” Aaron Lee and  Joseph Tsai report forRead More
OS X Mavericks
Since installing OS X Mavericks beta on my MacBook Air, I’ve had numerous issues with the new softwares. The most frustrating was that the App Store, Mail, Preview and a few other apps won’t open, and if by some miracle the app did open, it will crash soon after. As a result I was very hesitant in installing OS X Mavericks on my main computer – iMac. Until now. This weekend I’ve stumbled across this solution to stop App Store, Mail, Preview and other apps from crashing in OS XRead More
iPad Air
Analyst: It’s Going To Be Difficult To Decide Which Apple Device To Purchase this Holiday In a note to investors, Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White (via Barron’s) maintained his Buy rating on Apple stock with a price target of  $777 price target Additionally,  Brian White believes that the latest innovative products from Apple will stand the company in good stead this holidays compared to its competitors. Brian White: Given the recent introduction of the iPhone 5S, the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display, we believe Apple will be tough to competeRead More
Disappearing button or slider - US 8,436,816
Apple has been granted a new patent titled – Disappearing button or slider – (US 8,436,816) by USPTO. According to the patent invention, Apple is looking to produce devices with selectively visible and invisible input systems and device display systems. The patent states, “input devices and display systems may become visible when illuminated from behind through invisible holes.” Here is the patent abstract: An input device includes a deflection based capacitive sensing input. Deflection of a metal fame of the input device causes a change in capacitance that is used to control aRead More
Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro

Posted On April 25, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Report: MacBook shipments to grow 10% in 3Q13

MacBook shipments to grow 10% in 2Q13 According to a new report from Digitimes, Apple is expected to see  10% sequential growth in MacBook shipments in the third quarter, according to upstream supply sources. “Apple’s MacBook shipments in the third quarter are expected to grow 10% sequentially as the company has almost finished digesting its excess inventory and should start placing new orders in mid-May,”  Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report. “The orders in May are expected to be mainly Haswell-based models.” Apple’s recent earnings results for the second quarterRead More