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The very reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published (via 9to5mac)his expectations of the products in Apple’s pipeline in 2014. According to the report, here are Kuo’s predictions: 12-inch MacBook with new design + Retina Display: Smaller MacBook with entirely new design Launching in either Q2 or Q3 of 2014 12-inch screen, but as portable as current 11-inch MacBook Air and productive as 13-inch MacBook Air Higher-resolution display (Retina) Will “redefine laptop computing” once again just like the current MacBook Air design Thinner/lighter than MacBook Air, new clamshell structure Will runRead More
According to a new report from DisplaySearch, Apple will once again lead the world with innovative display. The Cupertino-based company was first to kick start the high ppi display revolution with their Retina Display. “Over the past several years, Apple has been an early adaptor of display technology as well as a critical part of the supply chain – rather than relying on display and materials makers to develop the most advanced displays, the company has invested in the supply chain and intervened in the technical direction of its displays,” David Hsieh writes for DisplaySearch. “ItRead More
Apple: 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display Now Starts at $1,499 Apple has reduced the price on their 13-inch Mac Pro with Retina display to $1,499 for 128GB of flash. In addition, the 13-inch MacBook Air® with 256GB of flash has a new lower price of $1,399. Press Release: [quote] Apple is making the MacBook Pro with Retina display faster and more affordable with updated processors and lower starting prices. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display now starts at $1,499 for 128GB of flash, and $1,699 for a new 2.6Read More
    Two noteworthy patent applications filed by Apple and published by the USPTO on January 3, 2013. These include patent applications for Apple’s iOS  notification centre and another for their Macbook Air PC. US 20130007665 SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING NOTIFICATIONS RECEIVED FROM MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS Here is one to get the Android Army going. After constantly ranting that Apple has stolen Google’s Android notification center, Apple has only went and submit an patent application of the said – patent. Systems and methods are disclosed for displaying notifications received from multiple applications. InRead More

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Apple: Bob Mansfield Officially Back in the Fold

    [box] “Bob Mansfield was the senior vice president of hardware engineering for many years at Apple, responsible for the technical design of such classic computers as the iMac and the MacBook Air. He announced his retirement from the company in June of this year, and many were surprised earlier this week when it was announced that Mansfield was going to stay on with the company working on “future projects.” While Mansfield’s beauty shot in the executive photo gallery doesn’t specify what his new position is, he’s listed as a senior viceRead More
Fosspatent has struck gold again. Mueller has published the seven patents Motorola has filed against Apple with the ITC. According to Mueller, these are the seven Patents: [box] 1. U.S. Patent No. 5,883,580 on “geographic-temporal significant messaging” “The ‘580 Patent generally relates to messaging devices that process messages logically for a user in the context of space and time. The patent discloses, inter alia, a method and apparatus for receiving messages having a relevancy status (e.g., a location identifier) and processing the messages when the relevancy status changes.” accused products:Read More