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Posted On October 14, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News

Apple: Purported iPad Mini Prices Leaked

    With Apple on the verge of unveiling the iPad Mini, more details have been leaked about the upcoming product. According to a new report, someone has released photo of a leaked screenshot showing the purported prices of the iPad Mini. The prices in the screenshot are in Euro, as a result converting this on the going rate will make it US $320, for an 8GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Mini based on the 249 Euro price tag. It appears that there will be a $120 premium for the iPad Mini withRead More
Fosspatent has struck gold again. Mueller has published the seven patents Motorola has filed against Apple with the ITC. According to Mueller, these are the seven Patents: [box] 1. U.S. Patent No. 5,883,580 on “geographic-temporal significant messaging” “The ‘580 Patent generally relates to messaging devices that process messages logically for a user in the context of space and time. The patent discloses, inter alia, a method and apparatus for receiving messages having a relevancy status (e.g., a location identifier) and processing the messages when the relevancy status changes.” accused products:Read More